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Gaming platforms deployed on the blockchain are the next big thing in the online gaming industry. Their popularity and application is amplified by the record increase in online gaming users around the world. Nowadays just like physical sports, people identify themselves with an eSports team too thus bringing consistent fan following and generating lots of revenue.

Blockchain-based gaming platforms have several advantages over conventional systems including reduced costs, access to unique gaming content and partnerships with some of the best eGaming teams in DOTA 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty franchises. So, the future of blockchain-based gaming platforms is vast.

While many of the current gaming platforms and their token sales are just riding the wave, only a few can claim they were the pioneers and innovators of this new industry. Chimaera is one of them. It is a ground-breaking egaming system that has worked hard on deploying entire gaming worlds into the safety and effectiveness of the Blockchain Technology.

Why is This a Big Deal?

Chimaera is working hard to harness the full power of Blockchain Technology when it comes to its application in the online gaming world. Existing projects have so far failed to achieve that and launch their Coin Offerings with little or no deployment on Blockchain itself. Chimaera has developed a platform that aims to disrupt this hundred billion dollar industry with a custom blockchain ecosystem. This system will allow online games to run without servers and directly on top of its custom-built blockchain which is a massive improvement to the current standards.

The startup is calling its tech “Game Channels” that are basically a gamified version of the lightning networks previously adopted by top cryptocurrencies like Litecoin. The idea was first put forward by Chimaera’s lead engineer Dr. Daniel Kraft on BitcoinTalk forum back in 2015 and it was further explained in a 2016 ledger entry journal, which lends credibility to Chimaera’s claim.

Using these gaming channels, players can now connect directly to each other through a decentralized server based on the Chimaera Blockchain. Without a central server, game developers won’t have to pay anything for server upkeep and such, thus simplifying the process immensely. The Blockchain also safeguards players from cheating due to the immutable ledger approach and there is no need of any human moderation at all. Chimaera eliminates sunk costs and makes the ecosystem fairer, faster and more secure.

Chimaera Token Generation Event

Chimaera waited for their token sale because they wanted it to be backed by solid tech rather than just promises. The public pre-sale for Chimaera has started from 23rd March onwards and the native token is called the CHI token. Over 40% (225 million hard cap) will be available in the pre-sale and in the subsequent main token generation event. 75 million CHI will be available in the pre-sale.

40% of the tokens will be available for POW mining tokens later on with 5% reserved for bounties and 4.5% reserved for Huntercoin snapshot.

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