Chainstack, a fully managed service to create and manage scalable blockchain networks, announced it has added Bitcoin as the latest addition to its multi-protocol line-up. Developers can now make unlimited requests to free gateways to the Bitcoin network via shared Chainstack nodes

Developers of applications looking for a large-scale performance can instantly deploy their own dedicated nodes through Chainstack in their cloud and region of choice, and make high-volume, high-velocity requests to the nodes.

This can all be achieved while managing and monitoring infrastructure through Chainstack’s interface.

“We believe that application developers need not worry about the infrastructure that their platforms are built on. If what you are building needs to read from and write to the Bitcoin network, you shouldn’t have to think about the layer that provides this access. Chainstack ensures maximum uptime of your nodes and handles all the maintenance needs so you can spend more time building.”
– The Chainstack Team

Last month, Chainstack added support for R3’s Corda blockchain.

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