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Bonum – Global Backed Loans and Deposits on Blockchain

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Bonum – Global Backed Loans and Deposits on Blockchain

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The Bonum platform ( provide the opportunity to take out loans in cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat money against blockchain assets, as well make cryptocurrency and token deposits. These are basic, fundamental, and therefore popular financial services that are not widely available in cryptoeconomy at the moment, but the demand for which will grow at the fastest pace.

Crypto asset market is already quite large, it is still growing, and it can grow more: tens, hundreds, and even thousands of times. The volume of financial transactions, namely loans and deposits in blockchain-based assets, will grow accordingly.

The Bonum project is based on the basic needs of both people and business. First, it is the generation of monetary income (liquidity) without the sale of available assets. The second is receiving income via existing assets with minimal risks. These needs have existed for thousands of years, they exist now and will exist tomorrow, both in the economy centered around fiat money, and the economy of the future – crypto economy.

Our platform gives people and businesses an opportunity to meet these needs if they have assets with the right of possession exercised via blockchain technologies.

The crypto asset market is already sufficient for Bonum to work efficiently and profitably. But we are looking to the future.

Undoubtedly, blockchain will continue to develop and make its way into everyday life. Our assumption is confirmed by the single fact that all these business giants like Intel, IBM, AIRBUS, J.P.Morgan, Сisco, American Express, Hitachi, Futjitsu, Daimler, etc. are taking part in the Hyperledger project (creating tools for the blockchain industry).

Consequently, the volume of assets blockchain technologies engage with, will grow. Have you ever wondered how the size of the market will change when real estate and securities registers and transactions will be moved onto blockchain? When will countries digitize their national currencies? What will be the volume of assets circulating within blockchain? Will it be tens or even hundreds of trillions of dollars, when the usual everyday models of economic behavior will start massively using blockchain technologies?

The main goal of the Bonum project is to provide an opportunity to effectively distribute crypto assets according to every client’s needs: increase the welfare of depositors and meet the needs of borrowers.

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The main sources of increase in the volume of blockchain-based assets we expect to work with are:
National cryptocurrencies. Some countries have directly or indirectly announced the creation of such currencies;

Blockchainization of stock and securities registers and transactions;

Blockchainization of real estate registers and transactions;

ICO projects aimed at tokenization of various other assets;

Increase in the number of various ICO projects, mining and forks

We want Bonum to become the gold standard of the industry, a universal solution, and that’s why we support interstate and national regulation of crypto assets and blockchain. Clear rules and instructions the states will help to create, and, if necessary, act as transaction arbiter, will make the blockchain an integral part of the world economy, attract small and medium business, large companies, and make the mass use of blockchain technologies safe.

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