Russia’s Finance Minister Confirms Upcoming Bitcoin Regulations

The post Russia’s Finance Minister Confirms Upcoming Bitcoin Regulations appeared first on CCN The Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared a sweeping regulatory law that will cover many facets of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in Russia. In an interview with state-owned television broadcaster Rossiya 24 over Christmas, Russia’s finance minister Anton Siluanov confirmed the ministry’s draft law on a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The regulation, as expected, will cover The post Russia’s Finance Minister Confirms Upcoming Bitcoin Regulations appeared first on CCN

Israel Weighs “Digital Shekel,” Its Own National Cryptocurrency

Israeli officials are debating whether or not to create their own cryptocurrency, joining a growing list of governments that have proposed their own state-sponsored digital currencies in 2017. Israel Debates the Merits of Crypto The Israeli government may create its own “digital shekel,” according to sources close to Israel’s Finance Ministry. The discussions are part of an effort to curb the black market activity that comprises 22% of Israel’s GDP. Officials hope the digital shekel would reduce the use of cash in the economy, a payment option to which Israel’s underground has taken a liking in order to avoid taxes. Such evasion causes Israel to lose around ILS 50 billion in revenue annually. Ironically, cryptocurrencies are often utilized to pay for services on the dark web and black market, but Israeli lawmakers believe that a state-sponsored crypto could prevent the use of cash in such transactions. Included in a sweeping bill, the digital shekel is one of numerous solutions proposed to combat tax evasion, including a ban on the use of cash to pay employee salaries. The state-issued cryptocurrency would fall under the watch of Israel’s National Bank. “For the past few weeks the Bank of Israel has been looking at this matter, which has various aspects to it, including monetary and legal. There are many central banks studying the subject. There is no operative plan at the moment and perhaps there may never be, but it is something the Bank of Israel is studying,” an anonymous source said. Governments Flock to Crypto Israel joins the ranks of governments looking to crypto as a viable currency option. Venezuela was the first nation in the world to announce plans for its own state-sponsored currency, following in the footsteps of Dubai, which became the first city to launch an official, government-backed crypto. Russia recently jumped on this bandwagon as well, and has since moved forward with legislation to create a digital ruble. Back in September, Sweden’s central bank, the Sveriges Riksbank, revealed that it was looking into creating the e-krona, a digital counterpart to Sweden’s fiat currency. State adoption of cryptocurrency may make some investors and enthusiasts uneasy, as it seems to spit in the face of Satoshi Nakamoto’s intention for Bitcoin to function as a decentralized method of financial exchange. While these currencies are still in the early stages of development, it’s becoming more probable that we will see national cryptocurrencies come to life in the coming year, and it’s likely that more countries will consider cryptocurrency solutions to solve their domestic financial problems for the foreseeable future.

Spend any Cryptocurrency Instantly with White Labelled Debit Cards by MoxyOne

MoxyOne is the only ICO company that offers not only a wallet / debit card / virtual card to its own users but is also giving other companies an opportunity to do the same. MoxyOne’s cryptocurrency, SPEND, will be a major component for its infrastructure as each transaction will incur a negligible platform fee that is required to run the system. Development of the system looks very promising with a prototype wallet set to be released as early as the first quarter of 2018. MoxyOne has a solid development team with a combined experience of back-end and front-end development specialists leading the helm. The company roadmap is very exciting and the infrastructure will begin to take shape within the next 24 months and this all begins with the release of the aforementioned wallet prototype. Following this, the ever important Raiden Network integration will take place to establish an advanced payment channel. Partners will then be able to utilize the system and access their management dashboards to customise and monitor their assets. Google Pay and Apple Pay will be integrated soon after with plans of introducing a decentralised wallet and cryptocurrency storage vault for improved security. All throughout the development, important security features will be implemented such as (temporary card freeze for misplaced cards), two factor authentication, multi-sig technology and DDoS protection. In addition to the above, they have also secured a major exchange partnership with Cryptopia. This means that they will list MoxyOne (SPEND) at the end of the token sale, almost immediately. Other exchanges that will come shortly after the finalisation of the token sale include IDEX, EtherDelta and Decentrex, with plans to partner with more exchanges as soon as possible. Only a select few ICOs are listed on exchanges as early as the end of their token sale and this is a promising outlook for investors and token holders. The MoxyOne developers are working on a prototype for its wallet system which is aimed to be released by early 2018. The pre-sale will begin on 8th February, 2018 at 01:00 GMT and ends on 10th March 2018 at 01:00 GMT. The main token sale event will run from 14th March, 2018 at 01:00 GMT to 14th April, 2018 at 01:00 GMT. Token Sale Information: Website: Token Sale Details: Whitepaper: Telegram: Email: [email protected] This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

Bitcoin Boasting Strong Recovery After Post-Dip Volatility

BTC sees strong recovery following market dip and several days of volatility #NEWS

Here Are the Best Ways to Give the Gift of Crypto

Over this Christmas season, your family may have dedicated a portion of dinnertime talk to “that Bitcoin thing” your uncle brought up. “What’s this cryptocurrency business?” your cousin chimed in over a plateful of cranberry salad and honey-roasted ham. You and your immediate family may have even swapped a few crypto-related gifts. If not, you may be asking yourself: what’s the best way to give crypto as a gift? An Alternative to Gift Cards and Cash Christmas may be over, but there will be plenty of opportunities yet to give the gift of crypto to your friends and loved ones. Maybe your best buddy’s birthday is coming up and he’s been talking about wanting to invest, or maybe come Valentine’s Day, you want to tack on a few bucks’ worth of crypto to the smorgasbord of chocolate and flowers you’re getting your girlfriend. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the crypto-enthusiast in your life or looking to share your obsession with the world, crypto could be a present worth buying (and if you play your cards right, worth even more in the future). So if you’re looking at how to go about gifting crypto, here are a few ideas: Paper Wallets Paper wallets are a simple, easy way to give cryptocurrency in physical form, and if the recipient is planning on “hodling” for the long term, cold storage is generally a safer option than hot storage. With a paper wallet, your wallet address and private keys are printed onto a physical slip of paper, NFC tag, or both. Paper wallets can also be stored as PDFs, but hard copies are recommended for enhanced security. To create a paper wallet, you have a number of options. For Bitcoin, you can use For Ethereum, MyEtherWallet has a paper wallet function for Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens. Electrum wallets also have a built-in option to print a paper wallet with your stored funds. When making a paper wallet, it’s best to disable WiFi on your PC, because hackers could see your private keys if your PC has been compromised. Another friendly tip: make sure you create a backup of the wallet address and private key (either on a USB drive or a piece of paper), and be sure to tell the recipient to store it in a safe place. Physical Coins Physical coins are similar to paper wallets, but with more flair, and with a greater price tag, too. A man with the pseudonym Casascius began minting physical Bitcoins back in 2013, and since he ceased operations, other enthusiasts have taken up the minting mantle. Typically, physical coins bear the logo of the virtual token they hold, and a hologram protects the digital asset’s private key. Once the hologram is destroyed, the key is revealed and the holder can cash in on his or her crypto. Physical coins are great, especially for enthusiasts, because they double as a currency and a collector’s item. After you’ve accessed the code, you still have the physical coin to hold on to. That’s pretty neat, so if you’ve got the funds to buy one, it makes for an awesome gift. Just make sure it still has its private key intact! Hardware Wallets This is another expensive present option, but perhaps the safest we can think of. If you’re willing to cough up the money for a Ledger Nano S or a Trezor, you can rest assured that your gift is in good hands. Both of these wallets store your private keys offline, and they can sync up to browser wallets, web wallets, and exchanges (e.g. EtherDelta for the Nano S) to allow you to manage your funds. These wallets are fabulous choices for long-term investments, and if you’re loading them up with substantial sums of college funds, retirement funds, etc., they’re a great bet for offline security and management. Just make sure you write down the wallet’s seed phrase in case it gets lost or damaged, and make sure that you teach the gift’s recipient how to use it if they plan on investing or trading further. Get Creative There are no ends to the avenues you can take to present cryptocurrency in a physical form. As CryptoArt has shown us, you can incorporate paper wallets and private keys into literal works of art. This is one of the more ornate options for gifting crypto, but if you’re already dropping fat stacks for someone, it might be worth the extra mile. Hey, if they’re an art lover and a crypto nerd, it’s a double whammy. Still, you can opt for a homemade approach, too, if you’re not looking to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars. So long as you’re handy, you can paint your own masterpiece, crochet or stitch your way to a physical crypto gift, or carve a wooden coin for someone. All you need to do is include the crypto’s private key and wallet address. But make sure you keep the private key hidden from others, because if they get their hands on it, your gift could end up only being worth the medium it’s shared on.

Ripple Price Tests All-Time Highs on News of Further Penetration into Asian Markets

The post Ripple Price Tests All-Time Highs on News of Further Penetration into Asian Markets appeared first on CCN The ripple price leaped more than 15 percent on Wednesday in response to news that SBI Ripple Asia had entered into a partnership with several major Japanese credit card issuers. Ripple Price Leaps 15 Percent The cryptocurrency markets made a general advance on Wednesday, but no top-tier coin rose at a quicker pace than ripple. The post Ripple Price Tests All-Time Highs on News of Further Penetration into Asian Markets appeared first on CCN

Bitcoin is Investopedia’s Term of the Year: Surge in Demand

Bitcoin Named Investopedia’s Term of the Year After Meteoric Rise in Value and Adoption by Leading Financial Firms. #SMART INVESTMENT

Veteran Gold Analyst: Bitcoin is a ‘Speculative Investment’

A veteran gold analyst has spoken out and said that a lot of investors could see themselves getting burnt trading […] The post Veteran Gold Analyst: Bitcoin is a ‘Speculative Investment’ appeared first on Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.

Future is in Leaving Trusted Third Party Documents Behind

Aston is going to record all the documents incurred from the international trade on a Blockchain in order to protect them against forgery and fabrication #BLOCKSHOW

Bitcoin Rallies, Market Recovers From Holiday Season Plunge

Trees were trimmed, presents wrapped, and Christmas festivities were at hand when the cryptocurrency market went into a free fall. Investors awoke from their winter’s nap last Friday to a portfolio painted red, an unwelcome presentation of the rosy holiday color that has become a hallmark of the Christmas season. But with the passing of Christmas, this red has turned to a holly green, as the market seems to have found its footing following the holiday bleeding. The Bears Go into Hibernation It may be safe to call the most recent (and hefty) market correction over. Investor confidence is building as the market continues its climb out of a bearish slump that left many portfolios less than cheery on the eve of Christmas festivities. At the lowest point of the correction, Bitcoin fell to as low as US$11,000, and the rest of the market didn’t fair much better. With a few exceptions, most currencies sported red candles during the dip. Litecoin, for example, fell 50% from its recent all-time high, going as low as US$187. Ethereum didn’t get hit quite that hard, but it still bottomed out at US$560, down 35% from its US$870 all-time high. In the pits of the bloodbath, crypto’s total market capitalization was US$422 billion, a breathtaking decline from its all-time high of US$650 billion just a week ago. In spite of this downtrend, the market stabilized and now appears to be on an upswing. Crypto’s total market capitalization is steadily approaching US$600 billion once again, and was valued at US$580 billion at press time. Currently, Bitcoin is back above US$16,000, with Bitcoin Cash approaching US$3,000, Ethereum pushing US$770, and Litecoin vying to jump back over US$300. Ebbs and Flows This correction came in the wake of a bull market that began in November and lasted throughout the majority of December. Over that time, we saw cryptocurrency’s overall market cap increase threefold, running up from US$200 billion in the beginning of November to its high of US$650 billion at the bull market’s peak. With this runup, the market’s top 10 experienced substantial gains, each and every one transcending all-time high after all-time high. This success was widespread, as most coins in the market only went up over the two-month period. The recent price drop was an anticipated and healthy response to November and December’s stratospheric runup, and some investors took the dip as a buying opportunity. For those that have been in the market for some time, this dip was a sigh of relief, an opportunity to get in at discount prices, and nothing to sweat. For those newer to the game, it may have been a source of stress, a harsh first lesson in market volatility, or perhaps even a reason to panic. Regardless of whether you’re old or new, take solace in the fact that the market seems to be healthy going into the new year, and that the bubble isn’t ready to pop yet. As with the correction that preceded it, this bounce-back is to be expected and indicates that investor confidence hasn’t waned.


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