Ark Investment CEO: Bitcoin is Bigger Than Apple

The post Ark Investment CEO: Bitcoin is Bigger Than Apple appeared first on CCN Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Investment Management, told CNBC that bitcoin is a “bigger idea” than Apple. “I know a lot of people say, ‘don’t compare this to Apple, which is nearing a trillion dollars, but this is so much bigger than even Apple, which is a pretty big idea.” She said her fund cannot The post Ark Investment CEO: Bitcoin is Bigger Than Apple appeared first on CCN

Kidnapped EXMO Analyst Found Safe, Company Releases Statement

A recent event involving the abduction of an employee of one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms caused a stir in the community. The employee, Pavel Lerner– an analyst at EXMO, a UK based exchange was reported to have been kidnapped by a group of unidentified people in a black Mercedes Benz while he was leaving work in Kiev, Ukraine on December 26, 2017. According to recent reports, the abducted EXMO has since been found and the company has established contact with him earlier today. Following the latest developments, EXMO has officially released a statement addressing concerns regarding both the health of Pavel as well as the security of user funds on the platform. The official release from the company states — “Pavel holds a role of a leading analyst at EXMO, and is a blockchain expert who leads an array of personal blockchain startup projects not related to the operations of the EXMO platform. On December 26, Pavel was captured by a group of unknown masked people, and all the connection with him ceased for several days. On December 29, we managed to get a hold of Pavel. At the moment, he is safe, and there was no physical harm inflicted on him. Nevertheless, Pavel is currently in a state of major stress, therefore, he will not provide any official comments in the coming days. The case is currently under investigation by the state security authorities. We would like to note that the story of Pavel’s abduction has overgrown with rumors that might tamper with the official investigation. That said, EXMO currently refrains from any comments or suggestions of own versions of the possible scenario, until the end of the investigation. We would also like to point out that Pavel’s activity at EXMO did not involve an access to financial assets of our users. Despite the aforementioned, the platform continues its usual operations. EXMO team is deeply grateful to the cryptocurrency community and the media for their active support. We promise to timely provide any updates on the situation.” The abduction was widely reported in all mainstream as well cryptocurrency media outlets and in few cases, Pavel was mistakenly reported as the CTO of EXMO. In addition, the platform also became a target of DDOS attack during the same time span, causing panic among many EXMO customers. There were fears of the kidnappers coercing information from Pavel and using it to siphon off funds from the platform. These concerns were addressed by the company by stating, ” …Despite the situation, the exchange is working as usual. We also want to stress that nature of Pavel’s job at EXMO doesn’t assume access either to storages or any personal data of users. All users funds are absolutely safe.” With Pavel found safe and sound, the company is refraining from making any statements at the moment due to the ongoing investigation into the alleged kidnapping. More information from law enforcement agencies and EXMO is awaited. The post Kidnapped EXMO Analyst Found Safe, Company Releases Statement appeared first on NEWSBTC.

FLUX – Game Developers and Players Ready to Own the Gaming Market in 2018

The post FLUX – Game Developers and Players Ready to Own the Gaming Market in 2018 appeared first on CCN This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Ready or not, games are now playing and streaming from numerous new channels. Facebook, which launched Instant Games this year to entice gamers into game action sooner, has The post FLUX – Game Developers and Players Ready to Own the Gaming Market in 2018 appeared first on CCN

2017: Crypto Review of the Year

The post 2017: Crypto Review of the Year appeared first on CCN This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. As 2018 is about to take over and while everyone is counting yearly incomes, making ambitious plans for the upcoming year, there comes a perfect time to take The post 2017: Crypto Review of the Year appeared first on CCN

Raiden Gains Momentum, Signs Major Partnerships

After launching the first “off-chain” transaction solution for blockchain, Raiden Network (RDN) has significantly ramped up its business with a string of major partnerships. “The pace of adoption of Raiden’s technology has exceeded expectations,” says Yubo Ruan, Co-Founder of Off-Chain Technology Group, an organization that develops blockchain transaction solutions. “We knew uRaiden made history by enabling blockchain to scale beyond ‘several transactions per second’ to millions per second. And by reducing the time a blockchain transaction takes from a few minutes to under a second. But we didn’t expect some of the largest and most promising crypto projects to embrace uRaiden so rapidly after launch.” Raiden’s payment channel framework, uRaiden, launched on November 30, 2017. In addition to scaling transactions on Ethereum, uRaiden makes possible “instant” transactions and cost-efficient micropayments. It also significantly drives down machine-to-machine transaction costs. Key Partnerships in the Energy Sector and Computer Gaming Grid+ (symbol: GRID), which raised over $40 million to enhance its always-on appliance that processes payments for electricity in real-time, will be using Raiden’s technology to accelerate use of blockchain in the energy industry. “Electricity sales to consumers will be settled instantaneously every 15 minutes which makes Grid+ a perfect use case for uRaiden,” says Alex Miller, Grid’s Chief Technical Officer. Rather than having to register a transaction on Ethereum every few seconds, Grid+ will batch transactions for electricity usage and submit them just once every 15 minutes, substantially reducing expenses for Grid when it comes to Ethereum transaction gas costs. Grid+ believes Raiden will give them the upper-hand on other energy marketplaces by cutting costs for its users. With uRaiden, Grid+ expects that its costs will be 30 times less than they would be for a Visa transaction and 20 times less than the cost of an Ethereum transaction. Raiden has signed additional partners in the energy industry including Energy Network Foundation, whose blockchain solution features nodes operated by energy giants such as Royal Dutch Shell, the sixth-largest company in the world, measured by revenue. In the computer gaming industry, Enjin (symbol: ENJ) will incorporate uRaiden into their ​smart contract ​platform ​that ​enables management of virtual goods for computer games. With 18 million users, Enjin is the largest gaming community creation platform in the world. It hosts over 250,000 gaming communities and sees 60 million views each month. Enjin recognized early on the challenge of accepting in-game crypto transactions and processing them fast enough to make the digital good available to the player in real-time. According to the company, “Enjin ​will be ​testing ​the ​Raiden ​Network ​for ​lightning-fast ​asset ​confirmation ​speeds.” Enjin’s Chief Technical Officer, Witek Radomski, confirmed Enjin will begin implementation of uRaiden in Q1 2018. Signs China Partnership & Important Partners in the Finance Sector Raiden has also signed partners in Asia. China-based SmartMesh will make off-Internet instant transactions possible by utilizing both Raiden technology and their own mesh network. As for the advantages of partnering with Raiden, SmartMesh points to its “scalability, fast transaction, confidentiality, interoperability, and low cost”. SmartMesh has begun implementation using uRaiden and, separately, plans to roll out a SmartMesh Raiden Light Node for Raiden Network in Q2 2018. In the finance sector, Raiden has signed on board Trade.IO, which facilitates asset trading and investment banking on the blockchain. Raiden enables Trade.IO customers to trade tokenized assets peer-to-peer in a low-latency manner. Raiden reduces Trade.IO’s cost structure by batching multiple transactions before sending them as “one bill” for settlement on Ethereum, as opposed to paying an Ethereum gas fee for each individual transaction. Also in the finance industry, Raiden has signed on board MoxyOne, which will incorporate Raiden into its white-label financial infrastructure. The Path Forward for Raiden Called a “billion dollar coin” by, Raiden has delivered on the ambitious expectations set by crypto analysts during its ICO by shipping blockchain’s first “second layer” transaction network, uRaiden, on schedule. Now with partnerships across key industries within weeks of launching, it shows why media outlets such as Crush Crypto described Raiden as likely being a “top-10 most valuable token because of the expected heavy usage”. “The quality of partnerships Raiden has secured right out of the gate shows its explosive market potential. It also suggests that a critical mass of companies have been waiting for a solution like Raiden to scale on Ethereum cost-effectively,” says Jorge Sanchez, Co-Founder of Off-Chain Technology Group. “We expect additional announcements with major companies in the weeks ahead.” This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

2018 Will Determine Bitcoin’s Long-Term Role, Says Early Facebook Investor McNamee

2018 prediction: Tech Investor Roger McNamee says 2018 will determine if the BTC “mania” will become a “real industry”. #NEWS

2018 Will Determine Bitcoin’s Long-Term Role, Says Early Facebook Investor McNamee

2018 prediction: Tech Investor Roger McNamee says 2018 will determine if the BTC “mania” will become a “real industry”. #NEWS

Crypto Fish War Is Coming — Stop Breeding and HODL the Kitten!

Emerging of new dApps is an extremely important iteration of Ethereum network development. Even taking a form of funny games they help masses to adopt digital crypto wallets and earn some profit in Ether. It was “CryptoKitties” to generate $17 Million in sales of digital kittens (as of 27th of Dec. 2017) with some crypto cuties traded from 0.1 ETH (approx. $40-60) up to $120 000-150 000 within a month. Its popularity has resulted in congestion of whole Ethereum network for a couple of weeks. Fishbank is the new blockchain game on smart contracts announced for the beginning of 2018 that brings the classic PvP (player-versus-player) in P2P (peer-to-peer) environment. It offers more aggressive kind of gameplay – no more breeding, just fighting. The core aim of the game is to grow the predatory fish and hunt opponents to gain part of their weight. The bigger fish is the stronger it is the more fights it can win the more valuable it is on the market. Every predatory fish has three major characteristics: Power, Agility, and Speed those values define the rarity of the fish (Common, Legendary or Epic). All fishes are cryptotokens owned 100% by the player and stored in Ethereum blockchain acting just like any other cryptocurrency – they can be easily transferred, traded or gifted. Fishbank states there would be something that can be generally referred to as “hardfork effect” in blockchain ecosystems — rare crypto fish token as a new year gift for every owner of Gen 0 crypto kitten as of 1st January 2018. Indeed, fish was always something that cats adore a lot. After Alpha launch there would be three ways to obtain a Fish Token: Buy it on Fish Market from other players, Catch random Fish Token in Aquarium, Invite a friend to join The Game (in case he buys a Fish as of 1 or 2). There is a chance to get the Alpha Fish to participate in game tests by inviting friends for helping to spread the word about the project. TThe team behind the Fishbank called” Chatrobotic” specializes on gamification of extraordinary environments and is popular by its 3 chatbot game titles running on the messengers platforms (Telegram, Kik, Facebook) with more than 500 000 players on board and 2.5 million messages served daily. It’s quite obvious that an army of CryptoKitties clones will evolve on the market next year and it will be a good challenge for Ethereum network to stay the crypto animals invasion. More Info Website: https://fishbank.ioWhitepaper: Chat: News Channel: The post Crypto Fish War Is Coming — Stop Breeding and HODL the Kitten! appeared first on NEWSBTC.

Here Are the Crypto Exchanges With the Lowest Fees

Considering you’ve got to pay a network fee every time you want to transfer cryptocurrency, you’d be justified in wanting to avoid excessive exchange fees. It’s bad enough that the dollar value of Bitcoin transaction fees can be upwards of double digits, so there’s no need to get gouged on withdrawal and trading rates by your favorite exchange. That’s why we compiled this handy list of low-fee exchanges so that you can get the best bang for your buck investing that crisp Benjamin your granny gave you for Christmas. Our Pick of the Litter GDAX This technically isn’t the exchange with the lowest fees on this list, but it’s one of the cheapest and easiest options if you’re looking to purchase crypto directly with fiat. GDAX is Coinbase’s exchange counterpart, and conveniently, if you have an existing Coinbase account, you can automatically link it with GDAX. The exchange charges 0% for maker trades, 0.25% for Bitcoin taker trades, and 0.30% for Litecoin and Ethereum taker trades (maker trades provide liquidity by creating a new buy/sell offer that is not immediately filled, while taker trades remove liquidity by taking a standing buy/sell offer and are filled immediately). GDAX does not charge for deposits or withdrawals. Coinbase, on the other hand, charges a 1.49% fee for currency purchased using a bank account and 3.99% (yikes) for purchases using a credit/debit card. When we compare the two – and factor in the fact that you can use GDAX with your Coinbase account – GDAX is a no-brainer for fiat-to-crypto trading pairs. Binance Once you’ve got your wallet loaded with some coins, Binance is a great exchange option if you’re looking to take that Ethereum or Bitcoin and turn it into some altcoins. Binance offers incredibly low rates, charging a flat 0.1% for all buy and sell orders with no deposit fee. Withdrawal fees vary on a coin-by-coin basis. Even better, if you’re trading with Binance’s own coin (BNB), all exchange fees are cut in half to 0.05%. That’s hands down the lowest you’ll see an exchange charge for trading on its platform. HitBTC Like Binance, HitBTC is another solid choice for low-fee trading. While it may not be as popular as other exchanges and includes fewer markets, HitBTC only charges a 0.1% fee on buy/sell orders. For deposits, HitBTC does not charge a fee, but rates for withdrawals vary by coin. Bitfinex Bitfinex charges a bit more than Binance and HitBTC do, but not by much. This exchange charges a 0.1% maker fee and a 0.2% taker fee. This is compared to Bittrex, which charges a constant 0.25% for both taker and maker trades. As you probably guessed by now, Bitfinex has no deposit fee, but like those before it, there’s a withdrawal fee that varies from coin to coin. Honorable Mentions: Kraken and Poloniex These two are at the bottom of our list because while they still have lower fees than some of the other choices out there, the exchanges we’ve listed so far have them beat. On Poloniex, maker fees come in at 0.15%, while taker fees will run you 0.25%. Funnily enough, Kraken is just 0.01% higher on both fronts, with 0.16% and 0.26% for maker and taker trades, respectively. You already know what’s coming, don’t you? Yep: no deposit fees, and withdrawal fees vary. Happy trading!

Ripple Mania: How Big Can the Bankers’ Cryptocurrency Get?

The post Ripple Mania: How Big Can the Bankers’ Cryptocurrency Get? appeared first on CCN For a brief period of time, Ripple overtook Ethereum to become the second largest cryptocurrency in the global market behind bitcoin, with a $72 billion market valuation, on December 29. Ripple Mania in South Korea Since then, the market cap of Ripple has fallen slightly from $72 billion to $70.3 billion, allowing Ethereum to regain The post Ripple Mania: How Big Can the Bankers’ Cryptocurrency Get? appeared first on CCN


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