Binance CEO Envisions a Bright Future For ICO and Crypto Market

There are a lot of conflicting opinions when it comes to ICOs. Some see it as a positive trend, whereas others believe the industry is vastly overvalued. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, is convinced this industry is absolutely necessary. The ICO Industry is Under Fire It has become evident as of recent that most regulators are not pro-ICO, with the exception of a few regions like Switzerland and Malta. More specifically, the SEC is actively cracking down on illicit offerings. The government of South Korea and China have also imposed strict policies on ICOs. Other countries are still figuring out how to tackle this popular industry as of right now. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, however, is convinced ICOs are here to stay and are necessary to boot. That is a rather interesting statement given all of the regulatory pressure taking place. Without regulation, initial coin offerings will always have a shady side to them. There is also a growing number of scams in this particular industry. Weeding out those nefarious elements will automatically bring more legitimacy to the ICO business model. Zhao agrees some things will need to change sooner or later. However, the business model remains a more than viable one. Compared to regulator means of raising funds, an ICO is still more accessible, according to Zhao. Compared to traditional VCs, there is very little friction and problems to contend with. Despite the lack of active regulation, some projects do their best to adhere to most traditional guidelines.. It shows there is a genuine interest in further legitimizing this industry. Binance CEO Envisions a Bright Future There are multiple reasons why ICOs remain so attractive. Entrepreneurs can benefit from this method as it skips a lot of “fluff” regarding raising money. Anyone in the world can participate in ICOs assuming their local government allows for it. Additionally, writing a whitepaper and potentially showcasing technology in front of the whole world is very different from dealing with a handful of people might or might not invest. Investors also reap the benefits from this particular business model. Investing in traditional companies only occurs through VCs. This makes such investments off-limits for most consumers. With an ICO, it is a lot easier to contribute money to potential prominent projects. While users bear the full risks of their investment choices, they can also determine the amount to be contributed. It can be just $25 or $2,500, the options are limitless. The Binance CEO acknowledges VCs are also investing in ICOs. That is perhaps one of the most remarkable developments of the past few months. Large VC groups have paid attention to initial coin offerings for some time now. Those who tackle this industry head-on can benefit from a first-mover advantage. Even so, the issues and concerns regarding this business model need to be addressed head-on as well. The post Binance CEO Envisions a Bright Future For ICO and Crypto Market appeared first on NewsBTC.

Tangem Brings Physical Bitcoin Banknotes to Singapore

One of the bigger complaints about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they don’t exist in tangible form. A Swiss startup is solving that problem by creating physical Bitcoin banknotes. For now, this effort is limited to Singapore, but it does have some appeal on an international level as well. Physical Bitcoin Banknotes With a Purpose Every time someone creates a physical representation of Bitcoin – or any other cryptocurrency – it is usually a product designed for collectors and genuine enthusiasts. Using a physical Bitcoin or banknote in the real world is very rare, as it is simply impossible to transact it directly. One could scan the QR code to import the funds into a mobile wallet, but that is not the most convenient solution. Swiss startup Tangem appears to have cracked this nut. The firm has introduced physical Bitcoin banknotes – in Singapore, of all countries. This choice is not random either, as the banknotes aren’t just collectible items. They have S3D350Q chips embedded within them, allowing one to make Bitcoin transactions without using third-party devices. This is not necessarily a way to buy a brand-new car with Bitcoin, though. The smart banknote will store Bitcoin in denominations of 0.01 and 0.05 BTC. That means the maximum amount capable of being spent is under $500, but it should be sufficient to complete most regular transactions and payments. Tangem is launching this initiative in Singapore because the Asian country is home to a thriving Bitcoin community. There is genuine interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology alike, which makes it a perfect place for any firm exploring Bitcoin payments. Using these physical Bitcoin banknotes will be an interesting experiment. With just 10,000 of these notes being made available in the first batch, Tangem will be able to gauge whether or not consumers and merchants actually see merit in this form of payment. If it’s successful, we may very well see similar ventures in other countries across Asia, and potentially the rest of the world. It appears these banknotes are relatively easy to manufacture. The production costs were around $2, which is pretty low, all things considered. It is a bit unclear how transaction fees will be handled, as there don’t appear to be any. Tangem seems to favor the idea of having users exchange the physical notes rather than complete transactions, although NFC functionality will be enabled as well. All in all, it’s an interesting project to keep an eye on.

Whalepanda Continues Crusade Against Bitcoin Cash

It seems the ongoing debacle between BCH and BTC supporters isn’t over. Discussions continue to take place at every possible turn. A new debate on Twitter questions the Bitcoin Cash whitepaper altogether. Whalepanda is certainly making some interesting points, although they are not necessarily factually correct. Whalepanda has been on an interesting crusade against Bitcoin Cash. There are a lot of people who dislike this altcoin for various reasons. There is also a lot of misinformation being distributed regarding BCH. Some of the campaigns by BCH supporters claim Bitcoin Cash is the only real Bitcoin. While that is clearly not the case, some sources want people to think otherwise. As such, it is only normal some users start to question this entire project. Whalepanda Continues to Poke the Hornet’s Nest The current BCH Wikipedia entry is a topic of debate for Whalepanda. He claims the BCH team copied the Bitcoin page and made some minor changes. That is certainly possible, as it would make a lot of sense to not start from scratch altogether. While one could question the approach in this regard, it is not illegal to do so by any means. A lot of people are contributing to this wiki, and will continue to do so for some time to come. While this discussion serves no real purpose, it shows the ongoing “issues” in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are nothing alike, which is a good thing. Different currencies need to take very different approaches altogether. Even so, some BCH fans clearly want their currency to be known as Bitcoin. The BTC community wants nothing to do with that activity, thus debates will continue to happen quite regularly. thousands? — WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) May 7, 2018 Additionally, Whalepanda makes an interesting remark regarding Bitcoin Cash supporters. UKCryptocurrency claims thousands of people make up the BHC ecosystem. Whalepanda thinks this is quite funny, as he thinks a few hundred people are involved. It has become apparent BCH has a growing and loyal following. So far, it seems there are well over a thousand people effectively supporting this altcoin. It is another pointless debate, but that is to be expected at this stage. Header image courtesy of Shutterstock The post Whalepanda Continues Crusade Against Bitcoin Cash appeared first on Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.

Bitcoin Nearly as Bad as ‘Trading Harvested Baby Brains’, Says Berkshire VC Munger

Berkshire Hathaway’s bitcoin bashing barrage doesn’t show any signs of letting up. Just one day after Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett trashed bitcoin at the legendary firm’s annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, vice chairman Charlie Munger unleashed a memorable rant of his own. Munger’s comments on cryptocurrency started out amicably enough, but The post Bitcoin Nearly as Bad as ‘Trading Harvested Baby Brains’, Says Berkshire VC Munger appeared first on CCN

EQUI Capital Expands Its Horizons, Readies for Public Pre-Sale

EQUI Capital – the hands behind EQUI Platform, a new Blockchain powered-investment platform – has announced that it has now re-launched with an extended ICO and plans to kick off its Public Pre-Sale on the 15th of May. The re-launch of the ICO comes after EQUI Capital acquired new partnerships and advisors to expand its vision to accommodate not only technology startups, but further a slew of new asset classes – teasing involvement in “real estate development, to biotech, classic assets and more”. EQUI Platform leverages Blockchain technology to enable cryptocurrency investors to dip their toes into investment projects such as technology firms, real estate projects, and other opportunities that have previously been the exclusive domain of high net-worth individuals and venture capitalists. Investment opportunities on the platform are sourced by highly experienced investment professionals from Doug Barrowman’s well established investment group, Knox Group of Companies, who will aggressively target technology advances that address large markets, and further source global real-estate projects and other asset-orientated opportunities. EQUIToken holders will be able to become accredited investors on the EQUI Platform, and invest in such initiatives using the platform’s native fiat-backed currency EQUIVest (which is pegged to the US Dollar on a 1:1 ratio), which can be received in exchange for EQUITokens. Investors will benefit by receiving a share of generated profits through their EQUIVest holdings, which can later be sold in exchange for EQUITokens or fiat currency. The EQUI Platform employs smart contracts to store information about various investment opportunities on the Ethereum Blockchain – recording not only capitalisations, project targets, and maturity dates, but further marking participant investments, distributions, transactions, and rewards. Doug Barrowman, founder and Chairman of the Knox Group of Companies A re-launched ICO, with renewed confidence. EQUI Capital first launched in the third quarter of 2017, and succeeded in raising an impressive $7 million USD within days of the project’s private pre-sale, which launched in February this year. Sensing new opportunity, and after consultation and feedback with both community investors and project advisors, EQUI Capital elected to expand both its ICO and project scope in conjunction with Blockchain and ICO experts to deliver an even deeper offering. The firm’s decision to extend its ICO now offers interested investors with greater chance to participate in the launch of the EQUI Platform. Leading investment and business figures, too, have come to lend their expertise and voices to the venture. Notably, the project boasts the expertise of Lady Michelle Mone – the Baroness of Mayfair – who is widely respected as one of the United Kingdom’s leading business figures. Lady Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE “Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working with many entrepreneurs, investors and projects. This has given me the insight to identify truly unique, exciting and globally relevant projects that have the potential to impact industry. Having recently ventured in to the world of Cryptocurrency, my eyes have been opened even further, hence the launch of EQUI, which I really do believe is set to drastically shift the investment landscape. I am honoured to be part of this journey with some incredibly driven and innovative professionals. Watch this space.”, says the Baroness of Mayfair. The venture has further partnered with leading capital raising agency CoinFabric to assist with the ICO roll-out, as well as Blockchain Advisory, who will work with the team to bridge the gap between the traditional capital era and cryptocurrency. In an impressive stroke for investors, EQUI Capital’s re-launch arrives with the release of a new website, a one pager, FAQs, an improved team, as well as a new Public Pre-Sale whitelist; and an evolved white paper coming soon. The venture’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is slated for beta release this month. EQUI Capital’s ICO has now been extended until the 30th of June, and the company has now confirmed that its public pre-sale will launch on the 15th of May, and its public crowdsale will accordingly kick off on the 1st of June. Payments are accepted in the form of Ethereum (ETH), or fiat (USD/GBP) via direct wire transfer. ABOUT KNOX GROUP OF COMPANIES Since 2008, Doug Barrowman has built Knox Group of Companies. Under Doug’s management, Knox has put together a successful collection of businesses, which cover private equity, property, wealth management and protection, assets management, with assets under management and administration approaching £3 billion. In 2011, Barrowman co-founded the KHG Private Equity Fund. The Knox Group of Companies has over 350 staff in a number of international locations. ABOUT EQUI CAPITAL EQUI Capital is the brainchild of Doug Barrowman and Lady Michelle Mone (The Baroness of Mayfair, and one of the United Kingdom’s most Influential business people). After many years of executing successful investments in multiple industries and investment types, Doug and Michelle decided to give the rest of the world an opportunity to share in their vision through the EQUI Platform. The EQUI Platform, backed by EQUI Capital and the Knox Group of Companies, is a Blockchain powered investment platform giving everyone an opportunity to invest in pre-vetted and curated investment opportunities. Website: https://equi.capitalWhitelist: https://equi.capitalRoadmap: Pager: blog: Disclaimer: This article has been sponsored by EQUI Capital The post EQUI Capital Expands Its Horizons, Readies for Public Pre-Sale appeared first on Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.

What Is a Security Token Offering?

The world of initial coin offerings is bound to undergo some major changes. Regulators all over the world are closely scrutinizing this industry because of its somewhat shady nature. Transforming this business model into security token offerings could alleviate a lot of concerns. However, most people have no idea what an STO entails exactly. The Appeal of a Security Token Offering Even though the initial coin offering industry has been pretty popular and rewarding for various companies and projects, the business model still leaves something to be desired. To be more specific, every time an ICO is organized, one has to wonder if the tokens being sold could be considered securities at some point in the future. With the SEC cracking down on such misleading securities offerings, the companies behind these projects will usually be unable to achieve their initial goals. On top of that, it seems there are quite a few initial coin offering scams to be wary of, and they will need to be weeded out sooner rather than later. In the case of the Centra ICO, it didn’t take long for regulators to slap fraud charges and security law violations on the people responsible for creating this venture. There have been a few other projects suffering similar fates as well. One way of ensuring there won’t be any further concerns regarding initial coin offerings is by replacing the business model altogether. It will not be easy to do, but it seems the PolyMath team may have come up with a viable solution. More specifically, the company proposes a brand-new business model known as the security token offering, or STO. As the name somewhat suggests, STOs and ICOs are not all that different on the surface. Companies can still issue tokens and shares as they see fit, and the tokens can be sold, bought, and traded all over the world without any repercussions. However, the tokens offer more “rights” compared to regular ICO tokens which are mainly focused on utility rather than actual benefits. Such tokens will also be backed by assets, profits, or revenue generated by companies. This means these tokens will have tangible value from day one, rather than be based on hype and speculation first and foremost. It is a financial security just like that which is issued by traditional companies, but with a few cryptocurrency-related elements added to the mix. Another benefit to security token offerings is that certain parties can be blacklisted from trading these tokens. This requires slight modifications to the underlying smart contracts and involves a proprietary form of whitelisting technology. By turning all ICOs into security tokens from day one, a lot of regulatory scrutiny can be avoided. However, this will require service providers which can take the complexity out of this process and allow companies to embrace this business model with relative ease.

The Crypto Wire From New York To Las Vegas

Watch the associated video through this link The brand-new work “It Used To Be Wired” was made for Consensus 2018. The essential idea was to capture the crypto crossroads New York is currently facing. It also honors the tradition of the avant-garde in art there. This mixed-media canvas print with oils on top is now the most valuable one-off piece in my Art For Crypto portfolio at 3.9 BTC. The New Frontier. Again? When conceptualizing this piece I first thought about the lasting frontier spirit of New York, the artists who have lived there and pioneering moves in Bitcoin really starting from a humble transatlantic pizza transaction. No matter what you think about 9/11 a part of its ghost is inescapably linked to the 2008 financial meltdown and the birth of digital currency. Outside perhaps London, one struggles to think of a city more relevant to the global finances than the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. In truth, the inner city of London does not come to mind before Wall Street to most. How long will it keep that status though? It will be a balancing act. In this art piece the iconic island skyline is transformed by blockchain code but this time Philippe Petit is not walking in between the WTC buildings as the man on a wire. He is walking from the Freedom Tower to the digital unknown. There are many blockchain ventures there but many are moving out of NY and the United States due to a lack of entrepreneurial support. The question remains: “Will New York keep its pioneering spirit or drive out the future of finance?” The proceeds from “It Used To Be Wired” will all go towards producing two shows and an art exhibit at the World Crypto Con, the world’s largest crypto conference in Las Vegas. It includes a main stage performance, an opening ceremony show, and a 20 volume art piece exhibit during the three-day conference. It will feature here as well as on multiple crypto media with supporters well displayed from big screens and pull up banners to documentary features. For a sake of a price reference, should you think this piece is pricey, remember that this #699606 Krypto Kitty here goes for a cool 0.8 BTC. The Wire to Vegas Another art piece just released on my platform is “Beyond Moon” that is a full-on tribute to the coming conference and the impact crypto is having on the famous playground. The same goes for this piece that all proceeds go towards making the WCC shows a phenomenal experience. The research of this piece took me to some very interesting places. Vegas is known as the default adult playground where you get to leave your responsibilities behind you. As we know from Pinocchio this is not, of course, the whole story even if the fun and glamour are real too. The whole place was born due to the Hoover dam having been built close to it to produce energy. The synergy with crypto was a joy to dig into as there was an abundance of material there. The Flamingo hotel is a big part of the birth story as well as falling in love so the central birds are a tribute to that. Nuclear weapons used to be tested about 40 miles off the strip for a long time so this time the explosion is crypto becoming a part of casino operations as well as funding for art performances and strip clubs. The Elvis legs and my personal BTC support QR code on the ballet dancers point shoe is an encouragement to support the arts more than the strippers. The mother coin is raining all the main crypto logos in the form of chips on the epic code made skyline of Las Vegas. WCC, of course, has a special chip of its own as they are crafting a whole new paradigm in the world of creative conferences. Not everyone goes to Vegas to lose their minds but to work, make deals and perhaps secure multi-generational wealth. The name of the piece is a synergy between the Area 51 legends and the myth that U.F.O’s charge themselves off the pyramids in Giza. This time it is the Ether pyramid of the Luxor hotel that is charging crypto to go “Beyond Moon”. The text is written on the Star Trek font of course – for us nerds who might get off on such a thing. As a final note, almost a side note, we see Cupid shooting an arrow, perhaps through Bitcoin or the birds or both, through the heart of the operation. The symbol actually means an ego death as romance is there, for a large part, to produce children who shoot an arrow through your heart. It is about taking responsibility for life to carry on in the best possible manner. This is true for us individually as well as with our enterprises. Let’s Do This! Should you wish to support this venture with less than the full required minimum amount of 6 BTC here is how. I got approximately six months to produce something no one has ever seen before in the crypto space. Them dancing boys and girls don’t do this stuff for free. Producing a show is always a challenge but this time I’m doing it across an ocean too. Cool if you can be part of making it a reality. Bitcoin: 12MFdHBSqbKakPZeqWXZXUYgY7cxpkNRnjEthereum: 0xbE2dB7c5C99e30eC68fFBaE487C5f9553eee1923Litecoin: LXrFde89B4Bmw2m47fcD7JavpJFzg36cDV V E S AVisual ArtistLondon / Helsinki Twitter Insta Art: Merc: The post The Crypto Wire From New York To Las Vegas appeared first on NewsBTC.

NBA Superstar Stephen Curry Inks Deal to Release His Own CryptoKitties

NBA superstar Stephen Curry has inked a deal that will see him become the first celebrity to get the CryptoKitty treatment. The partnership, which was struck through Moji — Curry’s emoji app development company — will see the Golden State Warriors point guard release a series of three exclusive CryptoKitties modeled after his likeness. “Stephen The post NBA Superstar Stephen Curry Inks Deal to Release His Own CryptoKitties appeared first on CCN

Malicious ICO-Related Google Ads Continue to Show Up

The cryptocurrency industry has been plagued by scams for quite some time now, especially when it comes to paid advertisements on popular search engines. The NEX ICO, for example, is subject to a lot of fake advertisements, which makes it very difficult for novice users to distinguish between reality and fiction. Cryptocurrency Scams Rise in Number People who have been invested in cryptocurrency for quite some time will acknowledge that there is a growing number of scams to contend with. Ranging from social engineering attempts to phishing and even misleading advertisements, this industry has seen it all. It appears the fake advertisement business model is still quite popular, according to some recently surfaced information. More specifically, it seems initial coin offerings are still prone to fake advertisements on Google. Considering that such projects raise millions of dollars with relative ease, it is only normal that criminals want to get in on the action through less than legitimate means. The NEX ICO is a great example, as it has at least three fake advertisements on Google as of right now. Unsurprisingly, criminals are using a very common tactic to make their ads look more legitimate. By copying text directly from the message in the search engine description, a smart approach is taken. One of the three results is a bit different in this regard, but that doesn’t mean people will be less likely to click on it. Anyone with a clear mind can easily see which of these sites are fake. Although the obvious answer is “all three of them”, there are a few giveaways. First of all, the titles of these Google advertisements leave a lot to be desired. They are all focused on hype, and some are even in broken English. Secondly, the domain names themselves clearly show the actual domain name, with the domain extension making it easy to spot the fake ones. A domain, as well as a .at domain name, are simply not the real thing. It is not the first time such ICO scams have showed up in Google’s paid advertisements either. This has been an ongoing trend for quite some time now, and it seems the search engine giant has not been able to make a big dent in preventing such malicious advertisements to this point. For users who are interested in initial coin offerings and other cryptocurrency projects, doing their own research is an absolute must. Not doing so will always result in financial losses of some sort, which is something users need to avoid at all costs. Criminals will continue to target this growing industry, especially as the price of Bitcoin and altcoins continues to go up.

Parsec Frontiers – the First Fully Featured Blockchain Game Reveals Its Core Technology Choice...

On Friday, May 4, project founders of Parsec Frontiers, an online MMO game devoted to humanity’s colonization of the stars and planets in the Milky Way, revealed the technical details the game is being built on. The project team plans to use an open public customized blockchain with permissioned elements inside of the game, with node operation possible for everyone in the community. The blockchain technology built in the MMO will ensure transparency and validity in every area and every procedure of the game. It’s aimed to prevent double spending, and provide the immutable and public history that can be used for financial analysis. The developer even plans to make the market available outside of the rich (3D) game client – via a web interface for users, and a service API for developers. “In Parsec Frontiers we aim to create the virtual economy backed with the technical guarantees of working according to the predefined rules, which neither players nor developers can violate,”comments Henning Rokling, the project founder. “The borderline of trust should be carefully drawn between blockchain and the traditional server, and we will search for the right balance between trustless blockchain economy and rich ingame player experience.” How to Sell Goods from Proxima Centauri to Orion? Take a simple case, anybody may experience in his routine life. You have just bought some goods at Proxima Centauri, and see an opportunity of selling them at Orion for a really good price. The problem is that you don’t have a ship at Proxima Centauri, and you want someone to transfer goods for you. You find a guy to do the job for you, but you don’t really trust him. Fortunately, blockchain smart contracts come to the rescue. You discuss the deadline, the size of the reward for success and the forfeit for failure, then engage in signing the contract. The example above is only one from many possible scenarios. Parsec Frontiers will encourage players to invent their own. The team aims to provide a diagram-based language, which can be used by anyone (even non-technical players), to describe the contracts that are easy to understand. More complex scenarios may require real programming language, and we expect players who are familiar with programming to become lawyers in the world of Parsec Frontiers. The variety of services that decentralized applications can provide includes banking, insurance, clan regulations, betting, and many more. The founders anticipate players to not just define the astronomical map of human expansion, but also to shape its social, financial and legal environment. Key Choice Parsec Frontiers developers also has finally made the key decision choosing Neo customized networks instead of EOS.IO. It was a well-considered choice, as Neo has very advanced smart contracts which support several mainstream languages including C# and Java, which will be used by players along with the diagram-based solution we’re considering implementing. And there are much more advantages the users will get from the Neo network, which are described in detail in Medium post. For more information please join the conversation on Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also remember to clap and share if you like this content. The post Parsec Frontiers – the First Fully Featured Blockchain Game Reveals Its Core Technology Choice in Neo appeared first on Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.


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