‘Family Link’ Is Google’s Twist on Parental Controls

The invite-only beta has three main features to help parents dynamically restrict and approve their kid's mobile device use.

Speedify VPN (for Android)

Speedify is all about speed, bundling your Wi-Fi and cellular data into one super-connection, and encasing the whole thing in a privacy-enhancing VPN. It might speed up your browsing, but it doesn't offer much in the way of features.

Split the Check Using Facebook Messenger

If you made dinner plans via Facebook Messenger group chat, why not pay for it that way, too?

Instagram Direct Messages Now Disappear

Bored with Snapchat? Send an ephemeral photo or video to one or several Instagram friends.

Meet Sanbot, the Watson-Powered Droid, Here to Serve

This diminutive humanoid robot is designed for the hospitality industry, and thanks to IBM Watson, she's pretty intelligent.

Google Family Link (for Android)

Google Family Link (for Android) puts parents in control of the Google accounts of their children who are under 13. It's effective and free, but it's very light on features.


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