7 Forgotten Sega Genesis Classics

Explore a handful of often overlooked gems for Sega's 16-bit console

Chinese Mall Introduces Husband Storage Pods

Why drag someone around a mall when you can leave them happily playing games while you buy stuff?

Blizzard Creates ‘Incubation Teams’ to Develop New IP

We shouldn't expect to hear anything about new projects for a while, but Blizzard does have multiple teams working on new IP and games.

The Best Gaming Monitors of 2018

Take your game to the next level with a monitor that's as powerful as your PC. Here's what to look for in a gaming display, along with our top-rated models at various sizes and price levels.

Echoes Is Last 3DS Fire Emblem Game As Focus Turns to Switch

Even though Nintendo is about to refresh the hardware for the sixth time, it looks as though developers are moving to Switch.

Hands On: Intel’s Project Alloy Headset

Project Alloy aims to join the physical and the virtual worlds. Here's what you can expect when the first Alloy-based headsets go on sale later this year.

Humble Bundle $12 Subscription Adds Humble Trove Games

As well as receiving $100 worth of curated games every month, Humble Trove unlocks access to a full catalog of Humble Originals and other DRM-free games.

Nintendo Will Support 3DS ‘Into 2018 and Beyond’

There is no sign of the 3DS coming to the end of its life or being replaced with a successor.

This Week’s Top Humble Bundle Deals for Geeks: VPN, Security Apps, and More

Whether you want to tune up and secure your PC, get into programming, or learn a few survival skills, these limited-time bundles are worth checking out.

SNES Classic Launches in September for $80

If the experience of Nintendo's last retro video game console is any indication, you'll need to be extremely lucky to find an SNES Classic in stock.


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Bitcoin Breaks Above $5,600, But Analysts Claim Strong Resistance Exists Around...

Despite being caught in a bout of sideways trading yesterday, Bitcoin has been able to maintain its upwards momentum and has now surged...