Microsoft Unlocks Extra Memory for Scorpio Games

Initially Microsoft reserved 4GB of RAM for the interface, but they've now got that down to 3GB meaning more RAM for games.

Overwatch Announces Double XP Weekend

The bonus will apply to 'nearly all sources of in-game XP,' the Overwatch team said, including time spent in a match, completing a match, completing consecutive matches, and more.

Prey Completed in Under 7 Minutes

A normal playthrough is expected to take at least 16 hours, but speedrunners only care about one thing: speed.

Nintendo Shipped 2.74M Switch in First Month

Total beats its pre-launch goal while 3DS continues to sell well thanks to new Pokemon games.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Cost $20 a Year

That's a lot cheaper than Sony and Microsoft's online services while retaining access to free games and offering digital discounts.

Nvidia GeForce Now Finally Available for Windows PCs

Turn your cheap Windows laptop or old PC into a high-end gaming rig with Nvidia's cloud gaming service.

Pokemon Gold & Silver Boxed Copies Don’t Contain a Cartridge

Nintendo decided a physical release for these classic games was a good idea, but putting a cartridge in the box wasn't.

EA Predicts 40 Percent of Console Games Sales Are Downloads

Having just reported 61 percent of its own sales are digital downloads, you can see why EA's prediction may hold true.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Is Xbox One X, Arrives Nov. 7

The long-awaited Xbox One X is coming Nov. 7 with a $499 price tag.

Xbox One X Standard Edition Pre-orders Begin Today

Visit your favorite retailer or pre-order online to ensure you get an Xbox One X on November 7.


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