Kids in ‘Netflix Only’ Homes Don’t Know What TV Ads Are

If everything a child ever watches on TV comes via Netflix, it makes sense they won't know how television commercials work.

Smart Features Return to Vizio TV Sets

After experimenting with moving all smart TV features to its SmartCast apps last year, Vizio is returning them to the TV.

LG’s 65-Inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up, Hidden Away

LG touted this set as one you can roll up and hide when you want it out of sight.

Amazon Fire TV

The latest Fire TV adds 4K video support and Amazon's Alexa voice assistant to make the already-excellent $100 media streamer even more powerful.

TCL Alto Is the First Roku-Equipped Speaker Line

TCL's new Alto soundbar is the first consumer speaker to use the Roku Connect software for connected speaker systems.

The Best Media Streaming Devices of 2017

We pit the highest-rated streaming boxes and sticks against one another to find out which one is your best bet for watching shows, movies, and more on your television.

Samsung Reveals 146-Inch MicroLED Modular TV

It's a concept display called The Wall, which Samsung says will allow you to vary the size and shape of your TV using MicroLED modules.

Report: Apple TV to Get Amazon Video App

Apple is expected to announce the availability of an Amazon video app for tvOS at next month's WWDC.

Family Guy Will Be Ad-Free This Sunday Thanks to Sony

No ad breaks, just a God of War 60-second spot before and after the episode airs.

5 Million US Consumers Expected to Ditch Cable This Year

Around 5.4 million US consumers will 'cut the cord' in 2018, a 685 percent increase compared to 2016, and a potential loss of $5.5 billion for the cable industry, a cg42 study finds.


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