Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which Is Best?

Today, Apple takes on the biggest name in music streaming, Spotify. How do they measure up to each other?

Why I Bought an Apple iPod Nano in 2016

Streaming services and complicated gadgets aren't for me. Sometimes single-purpose retro tech is all you need.

Neil Young’s $399 PonoPlayer on Sale Monday

"It's the same as an iPod except it sounds like God," Young said here at CES.

Tidal’s iPod? Hands On With Echobox’s Flask-Shaped Explorer X1

A new high-res audio player looks like a wooden flask and has a tie-up with Tidal.

A Visual History of the Apple iPod

As the Apple iPod turns 14, we take a look back at its history and influence over the last decade-plus.

Apple Boosts AppleCare+ Battery Support

If your battery capacity ever drops below 80 percent when you have AppleCare+, you're in luck!


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