iHome iSP100 Outdoor SmartPlug

The iHome iSP100 SmartPlug is an outdoor smart switch that connects to your home Wi-Fi and works with a number of popular home automation platforms.

Smart Speakers Are the ‘Gateway’ to a Connected Home

Households with a smart speaker are 'several times' more likely than households without a one to also use connected lighting systems and other smart home gadgets, according to comScore.

MIT Wants to Replace Desk Lamps With Glowing Plants

MIT engineers are hoping to create a plant that requires no power supply, but is bright enough to replace a desk lamp.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

If you can afford it, the Snoo Smart Sleeper is an intuitive and safe bed to help you and your baby get more sleep.

4moms MamaRoo4

The 4moms mamaRoo4 is an app-enabled infant seat that mimics the actual movements that parents make to soothe babies and keep them happy.

Talk to Santa Via Amazon Alexa, Google Home

With the help of Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can ring up the North Pole and talk to the big guy himself.

Ikea, Sonos Collaborating on Smart Home Music Products

Ikea didn't share too many details of what the companies plan to launch in stores in 2019, but said the products will combine 'great design, music, and sound.'

Amazon Prime Video Now Available on Apple TV

Apple TV owners will just need to download the Amazon Prime Video tvOS app on their media player to start streaming.

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2018

Ready to dive into the Internet of Things to automate your home? Start with the top products we've tested for every room in the house.

Google Wants Us to Build Voice-Controlled Paper Objects

Google's latest Voice Experiment is sure to be popular this Christmas, especially as the kit only costs $24.99.


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Rwandan Central Bank Looks to Issue Official Digital Currency

Rwanda’s central bank, the National Bank of Rwanda, is researching how to offer an official digital currency.BNN Bloomberg reported the news on...