Uber Adds In-App Tipping

The oft-requested feature is one of several intended to appease drivers. It'll also save riders from fumbling with their wallets.

Microsoft Prepares to Kill MS Paint

Microsoft is deprecating Paint, its simple, yet very useful graphics application. Removal from Windows 10 will likely follow soon after.

Google’s AlphaGo AI Beats Human Go Champion

An algorithm developed by Google's sister company DeepMind is once again taking on human opponents in the ancient Chinese strategy game of Go.

The Best Free Password Managers of 2017

Yes, a password like '123456' is easy to remember, but it's equally easy to guess. Or hack. Here are seven top-rated free apps so you can forever abandon those weak passwords.

Google Drive App to Become ‘Backup and Sync’

Google is relaunching the Mac and PC apps that let you upload files to your Google Drive, making it easier to schedule backups.

Google AutoDraw Turns Doodles Into Art

Not everyone can draw, so Google created an AI that turns our terrible sketches into works of art.

Microsoft Announces Major Redmond Campus Expansion

18 new buildings are planned along with the hiring of up to 8,000 more people, but it may not be finished until 2025.

Watch: Yamaha AI Turns Dancer’s Movements Into Music

World-renowned dancer Kaiji Moriyama recently demonstrated an artificial intelligence system that can transform dance movements into piano music.

AI Lip-Syncing Could Make Fake News Look Real

Watch former President Barack Obama have words put into him mouth by a neural network that's watched him speak for hours.

Here’s a Look At the 157 Emoji Arriving This Year

The Unicode Consortium approved a batch of superhero and supervillain emojis, along with new animal icons.


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United States boxing legend Mike Tyson has denied a connection with the cryptocurrency project Fight to Fame, which is suspected of financial...