Tesla’s Massive Battery for Australia Will Use Samsung Cells

Panasonic may be Tesla's preferred supplier, but demand is very high meaning Tesla is looking to other suppliers for battery cells.

Instagram Adds ‘Go Live With a Friend’ Feature

If your friend starts bringing up embarrassing topics, you can remove them at any time (then add someone else to the broadcast, if you like).

Nissan Stops Making Electric Vehicle Batteries

The Japanese company is selling its battery manufacturing subsidiary even though it will grow increasingly reliant on EV batteries.

Disney to Ditch Netflix, Start its Own Streaming Service

Disney also promised 'a significant investment' in original content.

The Best iPhone 7 Cases

You’ll want one of these, especially if you’ve opted for that easy-scratch jet-black finish.

Experience Virtual Reality With Firefox 55

When you find a game or app on the web that supports VR, just click the VR goggles icon on the page to experience it with your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Intel Announces ‘Ruler’ Form Factor for Data Center SSDs

Intel has a brand new SSD form factor called "ruler" aimed squarely at the data center.

9-Year-Old Applies to Be NASA Planetary Protection Officer

'I am young, so I can learn to think like an alien,' nine-year-old Jack Davis writes in the letter.

Google Fires Author of Controversial Diversity Memo

Portions of the controversial memo 'violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace,' Sundar Pichai says.

Wii U GamePad Converted Into Windows 10 Handheld

The modified GamePad has enough performance available to run the Cemu emulator. making this a handheld Wii U as well as a touchscreen Windows PC.


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Principality of Andorra to Implement Blockchain Tech for Digitizing Academic Degrees

The government of Andorra will implement blockchain technology in the country’s higher education system, Spanish-language news outlet EuropaPress reported on Feb. 21.The Principality...

Goa DGP calls Alexa a spy