Half of IoT devices let down by vulnerable apps – Naked Security

Testing Internet of Things (IoT) devices for security weaknesses can often resemble a large fist punching a wet paper bag. Researchers report a litany of firmware vulnerabilities, insecure wireless communications,...

Harassment Now a ‘Feature’ of Online Life, Report Finds

Nearly one in five Americans have experienced severe forms of online harassment, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center.

Several Popular Beauty Camera Apps Caught Stealing Users’ Photos

Just because an app is available on Google Play Store doesn't mean that it is a legitimate app. Despite so many efforts by Google, some fake and malicious apps do...

Cisco Starts Patching Firmware Bug; Millions of Devices Still Vulnerable

A flaw in the Secure Boot trusted hardware root-of-trust affects enterprise, military and government network gear, including routers, switches and firewalls. Source link

Ransomware vs. printing press? US newspapers face “foreign cyberattack”

Did malware disrupt newspaper deliveries in major US cities? Here’s what’s known about the incident so far and the leading suspect: Ryuk ransomware. Plus, advice on defending your organization against...

WP Live Chat WordPress Plugin Re-Patches File Upload Flaw

After researchers were able to bypass a file upload validation flaw patch in WP Live Chat, a new patch has been issued. Source link

Facebook cannot guarantee interference-free EU elections: Zuckerberg

on Thursday, April 04, 2019 | Facebook Inc is much better than it was in 2016 at tackling election interference but cannot guarantee the site will not be used to undermine European...

San Francisco bans police use of facial recognition – Naked Security

San Francisco – a tech-forward metropolis that nonetheless finds pervasive facial recognition (FR) to be “psychologically uncomfortable” – on Tuesday became the first major US city to ban police use...

Cybercrime Gang Behind GozNym Banking Malware Dismantled

Europol said it has dismantled the cybercrime network behind the GozNym malware, which siphoned more than $100 million from businesses. Source link

Hackers Stole $19 Million From Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hackers yesterday stole nearly $19 million worth of cryptocurrency from Bithumb, the South Korea-based popular cryptocurrency exchange admitted today.According to Primitive Ventures' Dovey Wan, who first broke the information on...


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