SonicSpy Android Spyware Records Audio, Snoops on Call Logs

The spyware in question, SonicSpy, showed up in Google Play via three messaging apps: Hulk Messenger, Troy Chat, and Soniac, which have since been removed.

GDPR: What Americans Need to Know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will dramatically impact how data is managed around the world. But will this legislation have any impact on Americans?

EU to offer nearly $1m in bug bounties for open-source software – Naked Security

The internet runs on open-source, and it’s often hardworking volunteer developers who spend long hours keeping the projects alive. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the time or resources they need...

Facebook apps expose millions of users’ Facebook data – Naked Security

It’s happened again! Unsecured personal data found lying around in the cloud! Unfortunately for Facebook, which has been caught up in numerous “concerned about cybersecurity” stories lately, this isn’t just any old...

Desjardins’ employee from hell spills 2.9m records – Naked Security

An rogue employee tore a 2.9 million-record-sized hole into his (now former!) employer’s hide, according to an advisory posted on Thursday by Canada’s Desjardins Group, the largest federation of credit...

Instagram Notifies Verified Users of Security Breach

Instagram 'recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users' contact information.'

The Future is Female: A Key to the Cybersecurity Workforce Challenge

With cybersecurity worldwide facing a major applicant shortage, businesses should be courting women and supporting girls. Source link

Unprotected Database reveals ‘BreedReady’ Status for 1.8 Million Women

An unprotected database revealed personal information of more than 1.8 million women in China. The data set includes a ""BreedReady" status of the, apart from the regular information like name,...

Why cybercriminals are eyeing smart buildings

A recent talk by ESET’s Global Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe looks at the key security challenges facing intelligent buildings As part of the Segurinfo Argentina 2019 conference in Buenos Aires, ESET’s...

Meet Our New, Smarter Thermostat

At CES 2018, we unveiled a new, smarter thermostat solution, uniquely able to help protect your home from costly emergencies including HVAC failures, floods and water damage. We've applied our smart...


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Facebook to Get Grilled by Central Banks Over Libra Crypto Project

Not a week has gone by since Facebook announced its lofty crypto ambitions that it hasn’t been torn apart for one reason or...