Police site DDoSer/bomb hoaxer caught after jeering on social media – Naked Security

A UK man who DDoS-ed police websites was caught and imprisoned after he jeered at police about the attacks on social media. Liam Reece Watts, 20, targeted the Greater Manchester Police...

Google removes option to disable Nest cams’ status light – Naked Security

No more stashing your Nest security cameras in the bushes to catch burglars unaware: Google informed users on Wednesday that it’s removing the option to turn off the status light...

AI: Artificial Ignorance | WeLiveSecurity

Does true Artificial Intelligence even exist yet? Will it ever exist or will it end the world before we reach its full capacity? The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently...

Patches for 2 Severe LibreOffice Flaws Bypassed — Update to Patch Again

If you are using LibreOffice, you need to update it once again.LibreOffice has released the latest version 6.2.6/6.3.0 of its open-source office software to address three new vulnerabilities that could...

Bluetana App Quickly Detects Hidden Bluetooth Card Skimmers at Gas Pumps

In recent years, gas stations have become one of the favorite targets for thieves who are stealing customers' credit and debit card information by installing a Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmers...

RBI AnyDesk Warning; here’s how Scammers Use it to Steal Money

In February, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued warning regarding a remote desktop app known as 'AnyDesk', which was employed by scammers to carry out unauthorized transactions from bank accounts...

Apache Security Advisories Red Flag Wrong Versions in Patching Gaffe

Up to 24 Apache Struts Security Advisories listed the wrong versions that were impacted by vulnerabilities, researchers warn. Source link

HTTP Bugs Open Websites to DoS Attacks

Eight vulnerabilities in the HTTP/2 server implementations were found in vendors Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Apache. Source link

Energy Sector Phish Swims Past Microsoft Email Security via Google Drive

The savvy technique of avoiding malicious links in the email allowed the phishing attack to reach its targets. Source link

Choice Hotels Breach Showcases Need for Shared Responsibility Model

700,000 customer records were exposed after being housed on a vendor's server that lacked appropriate security. Source link


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“6 of 10 Moderators are leaving Ethtrader. A farewell.” : CryptoCurrency

I cannot crosspost because of the Discord link. Here's the original: https://np.reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/cs84ar/6_of_10_moderators_are_leaving_ethtrader_a/. Here's a copy+pasta:As a moderator team, we have tried working good...