American Home Shield – Home Warranty Review

American Home Shield BasicsAmerican Home Shield has a variety of home warranty options to choose from based on homeowners’ needs. The flexible pricing helps you feel in control of your...

Internet Safety Guide for Kids

1. Cyberbullying: Almost 34% of kids age 12–17 have been cyberbullied at some point in their life, and 11.5% have bullied someone else online. Cyberbullying is any aggressive, threatening, or...

Google’s security tools can shield from cyber-attacks

Google has long been asking users to enable its security tools for shielding all its services - from Gmail to Google Photos - from hacking attempts.The search giant has been...

Sharing Threat Intelligence: Time for an Overhaul

All too often, information-sharing is limited to vertical market silos; to build better defenses, it's time to take a broader view beyond the ISAC. Source link

Windows 10 Update Bricks PCs, Microsoft Offers Workarounds

A glitch in Microsoft's Windows 10 update is causing systems to freeze after users tried to use the System Reboot function. Luckily, workarounds exist. Source link

What the ban on facial recognition tech will – and will not – do

As San Francisco moves to regulate the use of facial recognition systems, we reflect on some of the many ‘faces’ of the fast-growing technology Last week, San Francisco became the first...

Salesforce Woes Linger as Admins Clean Up After Service Outage

An accidental permissions snafu caused a massive outage for all Salesforce customers that continues to affect some businesses. Source link

Behind the Naming of ZombieLoad and Other Intel Spectre-Like Flaws

A lot of thought and meaning goes into the naming of infamous CPU side channel flaws, like ZombieLoad, Spectre and Meltdown. Source link

Slack Bug Allows Remote File Hijacking, Malware Injection

An attacker can supply a malicious hyperlink in order to secretly alter the download path for files shared in a Slack channel. Source link

Brave browser concerned that Client Hints could be abused for tracking – Naked Security

The people at privacy-focused browser, Brave, have criticised an industry proposal it says would make it easier for websites to identify a browser using a passive, cookie-less technique called fingerprinting. Called...


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