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Chainstack launches one-click deployment for R3 Corda blockchain

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Chainstack launches one-click deployment for R3 Corda blockchain


Chainstack, a blockchain Platform as a Service (PaaS), has announced the release of its managed Corda service. Chainstack’s platform enables enterprises to deploy multiple cloud-based Corda nodes quickly and efficiently, reducing the time to deploy a blockchain node to a matter of minutes.

R3 partners, enterprises, and governments can now deploy Corda networks in three clicks, enabling them to build and scale solutions on Corda with significantly less time, effort, and resources. This drastically simplifies partner and developer training needs, allowing them to dedicate more time to building working solutions instead of maintaining networks.

Chainstack helps to easily scale Corda networks to production while providing complete orchestration, improved reliability, and a higher level of security.

Built on the latest release of Corda 4.1, developers can expect to be able to create their own private networks for testing environments in minutes and install CorDapps on their nodes instantly.

Continual investments will be made with R3 so that additional features and support will be implemented over the next few months, including the ability to join existing public Corda networks, manage identities on the network, and automate network orchestration via an API.

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Corda has been the protocol of choice for some of the largest blockchain-based enterprise projects and consortiums to date, including the likes of HSBC, Mastercard, and Singapore-based Project Ubin.

“We have seen some of the most advanced enterprise blockchain usage on the Corda platform and are thrilled to be able to support this thriving ecosystem. By making it simple for anyone to start building and deploying CorDapps, we hope we can deliver value to all customers and partners building on Corda. It is extremely exciting to be a part of its growth.”
– Laurent Dedenis, CEO and co-founder of Chainstack

The decision to launch support for one of the leading enterprise blockchain protocols, Corda, reinforces Chainstack’s commitment to simplifying and accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption.

By optimizing and automating infrastructure deployment, management, and orchestration, developers and enterprises can now experiment with a variety of leading enterprise blockchains, such as Ethereum, MultiChain, and Quorum on multiple clouds (both public and private), with minimal operational infrastructure cost, maintenance, and risk.

“The applications being developed on Corda by our ecosystem are some of the most innovative enterprise blockchain solutions in the world. There are CorDapps designed to account for a whole range of business challenges, across a wide variety of sectors. Chainstack’s managed Corda service will enable more efficient access to our platform and we look forward to the working developments to come from this.”
– Todd McDonald, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of R3


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