Cobo, a cryptocurrency wallet company and the first to offer staking and masternode rewards on user holdings, today announced the addition of Crypto Index Funds (CIF).

The funds will be a way to track a group of crypto assets allowing users to diversify their portfolio, lowering their overall risks – compared to owning one volatile token.

There will be two ways to purchase the plans, which is through BTC or USDT. Starting as low as 1 share, worth 1 USDT, the CIF is an affordable and convenient investment plan anyone can participate in.

The Cobo wallet app is available on Android and iOS. It supports  20+ blockchains and more than 700+ tokens, offers integrated staking functionality, and includes DApp store with SDK.

In May 2018, Cobo announced the closing of a pre-Series A funding round from well-known early-stage Chinese venture capital firms, Linear Venture, FreeS Fund and IMO Ventures.

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