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Companies are flying blind on cybersecurity – Naked Security

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Companies are flying blind on cybersecurity – Naked Security


IT managers are flying blind in the battle to protect their companies from cyberattacks, according to a survey released today. The result is that getting pwned is now the rule, rather than the exception.

Sophos, which publishes this blog, worked with market research company Vanson Bourne to survey 3,100 IT managers across the globe. The survey covered companies in 12 countries, and quizzed organizations with as few as 100 users and as many as 5,000, finding that 68% of companies had been hit by a cyberattack in the last year.

The reason surfaced quickly enough; companies can’t see what’s happening on their endpoint devices. It leaves them struggling to prevent attacks or even to know how and when they happened.

Most threats (37%) are only discovered when they reach servers, and another 37% are detected on the network. Attacks typically start on endpoint devices, so if companies are only picking them up on the server, that means attackers have already been snooping around their infrastructure for some time. Unfortunately, 17% of IT managers didn’t know exactly how long. Those who did know said that attackers had been on their networks for 13 hours before being detected. That’s plenty of time to steal a juicy batch of data or to plant some nasty ransomware.