LAS VEGAS—Fumbling with your smartphone to turn up the volume or advance to the next track while you're on a long run is no fun. So a startup called Vinci decided to make a miniature version of its original over-the-ear gesture-sensitive earphones, which let you manage music playback with a wave of your hand.

CES 2018 bug artThe Vinci 2.0 prototype, unveiled at CES, looks like many other wireless workout earbuds, including the neck band, except for one key difference: There are tiny motion sensors embedded in the earpieces that sense your hand movement. That means you can simply raise your hands to your ears and wave them forward to raise the volume, wave them backward to lower it, and hold your hand over the sensor to start or pause playback.

Vinci 2.0

Vinci 2.0 lasts for up to 14 hours between charges, and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for syncing your playlist with your phone. You can also use it to stream wirelessly using the built-in 3G modem. Adjusting settings is accomplished via a tiny 1-inch OLED display. In addition to hand gestures, you can also speak commands to Amazon Alexa, and Vinci said that it plans to add support for Google Assistant as well.

Once the Vinci 2.0 goes on sale, it will retail for $89 with 8GB of storage. If you have a large music collection and are bucking the recent trend of streaming music via Spotify or similar services, the company also plans to sell a 16GB version for $149, and a 32GB for $249.

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