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The crypto-economy grows with the enormous rates nowadays. So, by the most modest estimates, it will exceed three trillion dollars by 2020, and can reach 10% of the world’s GDP by 2022. Everyone has no doubts that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have entered our life for a long time. Based on these decentralized technologies the set of the interesting ideas and projects will be realized and this is our future!

Despite the popularity, cryptocurrencies have a number of certain problems which people don’t usually know about. Starting from the moment of Bitcoin founding, in 2008, its cost has increased in tens of thousands of times, which had certainly created a huge interest in the mining process. However, if earlier users of network could earn via mining using own video cards, nowadays it is not enough and it becomes more difficult “to earn” cryptocoins.

The increased popularity of Bitcoin led to cost growth of this cryptocurrency, and increased the complexity of its mining. Also, there was a substantial increase of energy consumption during the mining which grows every day! Imagine that the mining of Bitcoin requires about 29,05 TW*h of energy per year. That number corresponds to 0,13% of the world electricity consumption on Earth. If such a huge consumption of energy will be everywhere that eventually can “kill” the planet. Many crypto farms use non-environmentally friendly power supplies. Thus, every Bitcoin has negative consequences for the environment.

The growing complexity of mining, high energy consumption, growth of electricity cost, and increasing cost of the mining process, need of expensive and powerful equipment, the high requirements concerning characteristics of the space in which this process is carried out, environmental pollution, and, certainly, attempts of the government intervention – this is a tiny list of weaknesses which you can face when it comes down to the crypto coins mining. At the same time, despite all this, Bitcoin mining remains a profitable business: the cost of the electric power spent for this cryptocurrency production in an year is $1,5 billion, and the revenue of this process is estimated at $7,2 billion.

So, how the Crypterra founders suggest to overcome these problems?

The existence of the above-mentioned problems has pushed creators of the Crypterra project to the idea that it is necessary to develop an infrastructure for cryptocurrencies which won’t depend on the government and won’t rely on its laws, won’t use and load the main sources of energy. It becomes possible due to construction of an island, and then the whole ecosystem of islands within which any project can be realized. It won’t be necessary to depend on prices of electricity and rent.

The Crypterra founders plan to buy the island (and then the other ones) with a completely autonomous infrastructure and communication on the money gained by carrying out an ICO. The acquisition of islands (not their rent) is planned because of the Crypterra independence from any state institute of regulation and laws. The government can create certain regulations which will limit cryptocurrency trade (for example, it has already happened in China) or any other activity in any country. It doesn’t threaten Crypterra. Besides, in case of the cryptocurrency market crisis, the Crypterra assumes opportunities of alternative use of the earth, for example, for any innovation project, keeping its investments.

Crypterra infrastructure will be constructed step by step. According to the Whitepaper, right at the beginning planned to build power supplies. What is remarkable, the founders of the project plan to generate the electric power for the island needs and for mining processes using the environmentally friendly natural resources. The geolocation of the island will be picked up in the best way, taking into consideration of existence some favorable climatic conditions. Also, an environment suitable for development of the electric power supplies which is used for maintenance of similar difficult infrastructure as Crypterra. It is planned to use the sun energy, wind and water (waves and inflows). It depends on a concrete geographical location of the island. That will clear out which power sources will prevail and be used more.

The following stage, the founders of the project plan the bunkers construction for the farms and data storage. The monolithic structures with thickness of walls of 25-30 cm made of metal and concrete will be built. The rooms will be equipped by the ventilation and cooling systems. Also, a sound isolation, wet reduction will be provided. It should be noted that a direct construction of these will be carried away from the island on which they will be brought and established subsequently. The structures of this type allow to provide a constancy in temperature, facilitate work of cooling and protection from any external factors of influence, for example, from natural cataclysms. The mining equipment will also be delivered to the island and supplied with the necessary software. Its continuous work will be realized at the expense of the best conditions created directly within the advance designed rooms where it will be established.

However, before starting the mining equipment, the founders plan to establish a satellite communication of the island with the outside world by means of VSAT technology which is used by many companies to organize communication worldwide. It becomes possible as this technology is autonomous, it does not depend on cable networks and works by the principle of reception and sending. Also, besides that, the Crypterra founders plan to realize their own cryptocurrency exchange within the infrastructure which isn’t falling under control of the governments which is very relevant. It is also planned to develop a tourist zone on the island, originally, for the Crypterra tokens owners who visiting the island will be able to be convinced of the reliability of their investments. Also, the Crypterra founders assume that the further future of the tourist zone on the island will become a whole new branch of business which will be able to bring to investors potential income.

The ICO by Crypterra: On the 19th of March the CPTX token sales start

The founders of the project use such mechanism as ICO to attract the investments for realization of the similar complex infrastructure. The Crypterra tokens have a CPTX abbreviation. There are 600 000 000 tokens for sale and the unsold part will be destroyed after the ICO is over. Starting on March 19th till the 2nd of April there will take place a Private Sale within which Crypterra tokens can be get at the most favorable price of $0.02. Further ICO will pass in 7 stages, and on each stage the token cost will grow from $0.06 to $0.20 at the end of sale. The ICO of the Crypterra project will last for 3 months – from the 2nd of April till the 2nd of July. At the same time, the price of CPTX token explicitly stimulates to take part in ICO as soon as possible which allows to receive the future benefits.

The entry to the stock exchange is planned in 1-2 months after the ICO termination and tokens can be sold at one of the large exchanges, gaining the instant income. However, you shouldn’t forget that within Crypterra, the opportunity of visiting the island and receiving income from tourist activity in this case is real. The saving of tokens can bring a much bigger potential ROI then speculating and selling them.

The detailed information of the project can be found on the official Crypterra website where the Whitepaper is placed and a Roadmap which includes the founders plans for the further development of infrastructure.

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