Portis, an open-source Javascript SDK operating in the browser which acts as an easy gateway to decentralized applications (DApps), announced that after its integration with Carbon’s payment API, users from all over the world can now convert their fiat into crypto, with support for ETH, BTC, DAI, and more.

Until recently, only United States residents could buy crypto with their debit cards. Now, anyone, from any other country in the world, can easily top-up their Portis wallet with their credit card. The goal of Portis is to empower the average person who is looking to spend $50 worth of ETH inside a DApp.

US debit card buyers are limited to $40 per day and will pay a fee of 3%, while the rest of the world can buy up to $250 per day (with a minimum of $5 per purchase) with their credit cards, with a fee of 3%.

When users register on Portis, they create a wallet client-side and with the private keys immediately encrypted using a secret that never leaves their device. Portis safeguards the user’s encrypted wallets, but they maintain total control.

“Using DApps has to be simple, and we believe that offering users a familiar e-commerce experience when they use your application is how we get there.”
– The Portis Team

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