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Datarius Cryptobank Has Reached SoftCap in a Few Hours After the Start of Pre-ITO

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Datarius Cryptobank Has Reached SoftCap in a Few Hours After the Start of Pre-ITO

The post Datarius Cryptobank Has Reached SoftCap in a Few Hours After the Start of Pre-ITO appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

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UTC Datarius Cryptobank has opened the doors to participate in the project to all comers and went to the pre-ITO stage. SoftCap of $ 125,000 has been reached within just a few hours from the start of the campaign, how states the information available on the official website of the project. This result was made possible due to the competent preparation of the project team, the availability of powerful competitive advantages of the cryptobank, as well as the interest of potential partners.

A social decentralized cryptobank will allow its clients to instantly exchange financial resources, being anywhere in the world and on terms determined by users themselves. Acting as a conductor and mentor – Datarius Cryptobank plans to minimize commissions and provide users with the opportunity to independently determine the necessary additional services for each transaction, offering full support.

Especial attention is paid to P2P-lending: Datarius clients will be able to quickly receive and issue loans, and the blockchain would reliably store the information about the parties and the results of transactions, thereby complementing the algorithms of credit scoring. The fulfillment of loan obligations will be monitored through smart contracts.

The work of Datarius assumes the use of blockchain technology, the integration of social functions – trust limits and trust management, hyper-collaboration, the integration of instant messaging systems and the development of algorithms using AI. Each user will have the opportunity to create an individual set of services or applications using the developed “constructor”. Automation of closing orders on the basis of unique algorithms will significantly speed up the process of obtaining or granting loans on the most suitable conditions for each particular user.

It is also worth to note the exclusive opportunity, which is fundamental in the ecosystem of the Datarius Cryptobank – the opportunity for each user to earn with the bank, creating new financial, information products or taking part in the formation of the credit rating of other participants. Datarius declares an annual distribution of up to 65% of the total project profit between active user partners. Affiliate educational programs and internships with the major players of the financial market without leaving the personal cabinet of the user, open truly unlimited opportunities for each user.

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In the present time, the Datarius team is in the active negotiating process with more than 50 major players in the fintech market, as well as with a number of state institutions in South America and Europe.

Today, Datarius Cryptobank declares the fullest functionality and the most extensive opportunities. Everyone interested can join the ecosystem and get the keys to the personal cabinet. The pre-ITO stage will last, as expected, until 12:12 UTC on 31.12.2017. Each participant of this stage will receive an exclusive bonus of 35%.

The main round is scheduled for February 2018. You can follow the progress of pre-ITO in real time on the official website of the cryptobank:

Let’s #CRYPTORIZE the world together!

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