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Dealing With Bias in Artificial Intelligence

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Dealing With Bias in Artificial Intelligence


This article is part of our Women and Leadership special section, which focuses on approaches taken by women, minorities or other disadvantaged groups challenging traditional ways of thinking.

Bias is an unavoidable feature of life, the result of the necessarily limited view of the world that any single person or group can achieve. But social bias can be reflected and amplified by artificial intelligence in dangerous ways, whether it be in deciding who gets a bank loan or who gets surveilled.

The New York Times spoke with three prominent women in A.I. to hear how they approach bias in this powerful technology. Daphne Koller is a co-founder of the online education company Coursera, and the founder and chief executive of Insitro, a company using machine learning to develop new drugs. Dr. Koller, an adjunct professor in the computer science department at Stanford University, spoke to bias through the lens of machine-learning models.

Olga Russakovsky is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University who specializes in computer vision and a co-founder of the AI4ALL foundation that works to increase diversity and inclusion within A.I. Dr. Russakovsky is working to reduce bias in ImageNet, the data set that started the current machine-learning boom.

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