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Eminem Doesn’t Need Diddy’s Revolt TV – And That Makes His Apology Sincere

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Eminem Doesn’t Need Diddy’s Revolt TV – And That Makes His Apology Sincere

Eminem Doesn’t Need Diddy’s Revolt TV – And That Makes His Apology Sincere thumbnail

Eminem apologized for “dissing” Revolt TV.
He agreed that he was an unnecessary distraction.
Though Revolt hasn’t commented on working with Eminem again, he doesn’t need them at all.
Eminem is still feeling a fallout.
Days after he issued an apology for being an “unnecessary distraction,” Revolt TV hasn’t commented either way about working together.
Source: Twitter/EminemAnd while they haven’t made clear whether they will work with the Real Slim Shady, he doesn’t need them either way.
Eminem Is A Guest In Black Culture
A few days ago, Eminem had a verse from an old song, “Bang,” leaked on the Internet. The verse contained a hard swipe at Diddy’s Revolt TV.
And this, of course, led to the company issuing a harshly worded statement. 
Why does Eminem, someone who is a guest in Black culture, think he can talk down to REVOLT? REVOLT is a BLACK media company, owned by a Black entrepreneur, with a majority Black team – that is authentic and real about this. With the immediate need for REVOLT to use our platform for the important issues regarding social justice, equality, and ensuring continuing to be the outlet – across ALL OUR PLATFORMS, we’re doing important work. Eminem trying to come for us is an unneeded distraction. It is not OK.
And, yes, Eminem apologized and extended an olive branch to the company. To date, however, the company has not responded.
He Doesn’t Need Them, And That’s Okay Too
Writing for HipHopDX, Kyle Eustice suggested that it was “unclear” whether Revolt TV would take up Eminem on his offer of working together.
While that remains true, it also is a non-factor when it comes to his career.
Love him, or hate him — and really, there’s no in-between — Marshall Mathers forever altered the hip hop landscape. There’s no denying that he influenced “the culture,” even though he’s only a guest in it.
So whether Revolt TV gets on the Eminem train or not is, at this point, irrelevant.
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