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Everex crypto wallet releases enhanced interface and integrates invoices

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Everex crypto wallet releases enhanced interface and integrates invoices


Everex, an Ethereum powered wallet and payment platform with banking gateways, announced the launch of an upgraded user interface and design for its wallet app.

The updates will provide a smoother experience for users who are not necessarily tech-savvy or know too much about the inner workings of crypto. The Everex team wanted to provide a cleaner design for a more banking-oriented experience and include organization features to help users better manage their assets.

Featured Changes

Identifiers For Keeping Better Track of Transactions

Everex wallet users who purchase digital assets on the app can now track their previous transactions in the ‘History’ dashboard. Deposits and withdrawals are clearly marked with order numbers and country icons to ensure that users know the origin or destination of their transactions.

In addition, users can now add private notes and optional descriptions for each transaction. This is helpful for individuals who wish to keep track of their expenditures or entrepreneurs who need to take note of their cash flow for accounting purposes.

“We truly understand that many of our users seek to keep track of their transactions, hence why we feel that this feature will be a useful addition to the platform. On top of using these descriptions for accounting purposes, adding private notes and descriptions can be used to keep track of transactions for tax purposes and to ensure that users understand where transactions are coming from and for what purpose if they’ll need in the report in order to provide it outside of the app.”
– The Everex Team

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‘Send Funds’ section to write-in notes.

In future updates, the Everex wallet will implement more advanced transaction search functionalities, tags, and the ability to export transaction history and data from the wallet to accounting software.

Adding Invoice Functions

Additionally, the Everex wallet now features an ‘Invoices History’ dashboard in the ‘Deposit’ section where users can monitor invoices that have been issued to them. Invoices and transactions in the dashboard also now feature tags indicating whether they are pending, expired or confirmed.

Invoices history section

Users can now always access invoices from their wallets rather than viewing and sending them via email.  Moreover, users conducting transactions between wallets and major crypto exchanges can now use an enhanced search function that enables them to select and look up transactions by specific addresses or tokens. Transactional tokens are highlighted on a separate column, and users have the option of seeing their dashboard with a column that indicates incoming and outgoing transactions.

“This is simply the beginning of our never-ending journey towards providing the best user experience for our users. While we hope that these features will make our services more accessible and easier to use, we will still continue to find ways to make our platform the best for money transfers and payments.”
– The Everex Team

If interested to check out the Everex wallet, it is available in a web version or Android app.


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