This story is 2 years old but I read an article today that made me pissed about this fucking banks. Answers from ECB on Twitter. A side asked them how they can buy assets. Look at there answer, it’s a joke and we ride on them.

This joking assholes…

So back to my story about my experience with an Austrian Bank.

My bank deleted my account 2 years ago from one day to the other. They asked me where I transfered some amount of MY💰. It was a little bit higher but not that much. I simply told them I invest in cryptos. That was a big mistake… 2 days later I got a letter that they will close my account. I called them and asked them wtf why?

There answer was the best. We’re not obliged to make any statements about it, if we suspect something.

Suspect what motherfuckers? That I’m a drug dealer or that I deal with weapons. Really? Because I made the decision to invest in a business you don’t offer something and ate scared to touch it.

Fuck YOU that’s my business and decision!

And again fuck all of this >>mother fucking dirty wash trader drug cartel dealers<<

Watch the Netflix docu it’s a must:

Btw the name of the bank is: Erste Bank und Sparkasse

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