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GAME Copies GameStop’s Corporate Greed Manifesto This Pandemic

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GAME Copies GameStop’s Corporate Greed Manifesto This Pandemic

GAME Copies GameStop’s Corporate Greed Manifesto This Pandemic thumbnail

Certain stores have refused to close down despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. Amongst those companies are game retailers like GameStop and their UK counterpart GAME. GAME seems determined to follow GameStop example, and their behaviour shouldn’t be forgotten when all of this is over. At a time of crisis like the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the best can be bought out in people. It can also really bring out the worst in people, and by people I mean companies. GAME is a UK-based game retailer, similar to GameStop. In an effort to become more like GameStop, GAME has refused to close down during the coronavirus pandemic. Even worse than that, they’re asking more and more of their staff with no increase in wages. Another day, another company whose management should be headed for the guillotine. Even GAME’s own employees are calling for the shop to finally shut down. | Source: TwitterGame Seems Determined to Become as Vile as GameStop After all of the awful things they did lately, GameStop did eventually close down. It’s quite a coincidence that they only did it after two of the biggest releases of the month are already gone. GAME I’m sure will follow suit once the government basically forces them to. Coronavirus has basically become a litmus test for both people and companies. During the pandemic, it is becoming abundantly clear who can and can’t be trusted. We can add all those shops price-gouging to that list. Might as well as both GAME and GameStop as well. It wouldn’t be all so bad if these companies treated their staff well. There are horror stories about working at GAME floating around online. Let’s not even being to talk about all the horrendous stuff that they’ve asked their employees to do during the outbreak with no pay or manpower increase. Coronavirus is Going to Kill Off Some Companies It’s pretty well understood by most people that this coronavirus pandemic is going to mean the end of lots of companies. If we’re lucky, places like GAME and GameStop will be two of them. While that’s going on, maybe think about prosecuting the management as well? I know it might sound like revolutionary talk, but the coronavirus pandemic feels like revolutionary times, to be honest. While the crisis shows us what people and companies are made of, we should be prepared to act on that information. Even if you don’t think these people deserve prison time for what they’ve done, you should pray that people remember how they behaved during this time. Once this is all over, money might be tight. Make sure it’s going to the right companies. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of This article was edited by Samburaj Das.Now Watch: CCN TV

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