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GIFcoin Successfully Concludes Stage 3 of Token Pre-sale, Heads for the Moon

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GIFcoin Successfully Concludes Stage 3 of Token Pre-sale, Heads for the Moon

Have you heard of GIFcoin? If not, it is high time you did before the “most transparent ICO of 2018” comes to an end.
Under severe conditions of a bearish crypto market, the crowdsale of GIFcoin — the world’s first Gambling Investment Fund, is performing exceptionally well. The GIFcoin ICO is in its 4th Stage where potential investors can cash in on an attractive 20% bonus.
The cryptocurrency industry is riddled with uncertainties since the beginning of this year as the value of various tokens continues to hover below the February and March values. In such a scenario, those participating in the GIFcoin token sale stand to gain a unique edge over the ones investing in other projects. Unlike some of the other token sales, the price of GIFcoin tokens (GIF) is pegged to ETH instead of its fiat equivalent. At present, investors will receive 10,000 GIF tokens for every ETH deposited, along with an additional 20% bonus.
Compared to other projects, the GIFcoin is backed by VitalBet, an online betting platform with years of operational history. The investors’ trust in the project is further magnified by the unprecedented transparency of the team, which runs regular live streams, continually asks its backers for feedback, and is already working on the first steps of the roadmap even before the ICO has come to an end.
GIFcoin Grabs an Appetizing Chunk of the Gambling Industry’s Gigantic Profits and Shares It with Investors
According to multiple reports, online gambling has its place among the TOP 3 most profitable digital businesses in the world today. In 2017 alone, the industry recorded revenues as high as $500+ billion.
By joining the GIFcoin ICO, you get the unique chance to benefit from these gigantic profits. GIFcoin’s main aim is to raise capital that will be used to develop its already existing money-generating betting website VitalBet further. Recent website statistics show that VitalBet has more than 20,000+ active users in 20 countries around the world (as of 2017), and its net profit for the same year was a little over $3 million.
As a GIF token holder, you will profit not only from the potential enhanced token value but also from a share of VitalBet’s yearly net profits. GIFcoin tokens holders will collectively receive dividends from their investments in GIF, accounting for 80% of the firm’s net profit. This will turn GIFcoin into a sustainable passive income earner for its investors. While GIFcoin’s team realize their generous intentions, they are driven by the notion of long-term mutual growth.
About GIFcoin
The GIF in GIFcoin stands for Gambling Investment Fund. This fund is backed by an already functioning betting website – The idea of the GIFcoin ICO is not to declare that they are crafting something genius but rather to raise capital, which they will then use to upgrade the already functioning product, VitalBet, into a world-class gambling platform. The ICO will also provide an opportunity for the firm to greatly popularize and promote the VitalBet Brand on the most promising betting markets in other jurisdictions around the world. When this is complete, the firm will then devote itself to increasing VitalBet’s client base.
GIFcoin has already announced its intention to share up to 80% of the annual net profits from VitalBet’s operations with the token holders. Thus, by buying GIF tokens in the GIFcoin ICO, you, as an investor, will be participating in an existing, moneymaking business that is just breaking ground to become a long-term liquid investment vehicle while exhibiting sustainable growth over the years.
GIFcoin ICO Details
The Token Distribution for the entire 300,000,000 GIF supply is as follows;
The platform sold a total of 10,000,000 GIF during an initial Private Sale, it was followed by Stage 1 of the public pre-sale where 6,400,000 GIF was sold out in no time. The Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the ICO offered participants with 7,000,000 and 7,800,000 GIF respectively. Now in Stage 4, GIFcoin is offering 8,400,000 tokens on sale along with a 20% bonus.
The next three stages will witness the sale of 92,400,000, 77,000,000 and 61,000,000 tokens at 15%, 10% and 0% bonus respectively. ICO subscribers can use some of the accepted payment methods including ETH, BTC, and LTC to purchase the tokens. FIAT payments are not accepted. The Minimum investment you can make during Stages 1-5 is either 0.5 ETH, 0.05 BTC, or 2 LTC. Soft Cap is set at 5,000 ETH while the Hard Cap is set at 24,000 ETH. Hurry while the 20% bonus lasts.
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