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Good Guy Ninja Donates $150,000 to U.S. Hunger Relief Charity

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Good Guy Ninja Donates $150,000 to U.S. Hunger Relief Charity

Good Guy Ninja Donates $150,000 to U.S. Hunger Relief Charity thumbnail

Popular streamer Ninja donates $150,000 to a hunger-relief charity. Ninja has been criticized for his behaviour several times in the past, but fans are enjoying seeing him do something so charitable. On Twitter, fans are calling Ninja a “good guy” and are thanking him for helping out. On Twitter, popular streamer Ninja and his wife and manager Jessica announced that they have donated $150,000 to Feeding America. Feeding America is a hunger-relief charity which feeds more than 40 million people in the United States every year. Ninja’s donation announcement drew praise from fans and celebrities. Some fans called the streamer a “good guy,” Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted several ‘praise’ emojis at him, and Feeding America thanked him for his “inspiring donation”. Organizations like Feeding America are hugely important at a time like this, where economic uncertainty has left some without jobs and money needed to buy food for their families. Some, like the seven million seniors who get food from Feeding America each year, are also unable to go to the store. Source: TwitterGood Guy Ninja Ninja is one of the richest gamers in the world. He’s likely to have made millions from his move to Mixer and he also has several brand deals as companies pay a huge amount of money to get onto his streams. However, without being so cynical about it, this is a lovely thing to do. While other celebrities are just singing “Imagine” on social media, it is positive to see one spend money to try and help. It’s also a positive thing to see from someone who has been criticized so heavily. The streamer was criticized for a tweet about playing games seriously and for his move to Mixer but this suggests that so many people were wrong about Ninja and that, without joking, he really is a good guy. This article was edited by Samburaj Das.Now Watch: CCN TV

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