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Guide To Getting Your Travel Devices Ready

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Guide To Getting Your Travel Devices Ready

Are you and your folks planning to take that trip you always wanted? Are you ready to take that final step in staying safe from cyber and physical threats?

Remember to make sure that you have all the necessary material to travel because your trip needs to be as comfortable as possible. Our lives are definitely not complete without fancy gizmos and gadgets. We are a part of this age of technology.

For your ease, many ‘hip’ travel devices are introduced yearly around the world. The main aim of technology is to enhance the simplest of experiences hence making them more enjoyable and memorable!

Here’s a list of handy tips and tricks that you need to know for your trip!

Staying safe with VPNs

You know what the right thing to do is? Get a wifi hotspot device that keeps your internet going even without a sim card.

Cybercrimes are on the rise, and once they get into your device, they can steal all your personal data and use it for their own use. So, to protect yourself from those nasty cybercrimes, get a good VPN service.

By downloading a VPN, your data remains hidden from creepy hackers on public networks. A VPN provides private access to the internet so; you must ensure you opt for the best VPN service provider! As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping your phone charged

Don’t ever let your phone turn on you! You must keep it charged 24/7. Also, keep a portable battery charger. The Anker PowerCore 10,000 is lightweight and compact. In addition, a charging backpack could be perfect if you don’t put too much stuff in it. Try the Eceen Hiking Daypack available on Amazon.

Want to know about more charging devices? You can purchase a wireless charging battery case offered by Samsung as well as Apple. Moreover, on your flight, it is better to set the brightness of your phone to low, turn off the location, and enable battery-saver mode.

Protecting devices

Make sure your electronics are a part of the fun and not agony! You must keep your devices safe at all times.


Remember to put your contact information on your lock screen and password-protect your phone. Biometric lock-in is a pretty decent option too. You could be saved from a lot of trouble by doing this.

Also, don’t forget to use a privacy screen protector for your phones. Gadget Guard, Bodyguardz, and Klearlook are pretty known in the market for their screen protectors.

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Keep your phone, passport, or wallets protected by using TrackR. By attaching it to the device, you can locate your device in no time.


To monitor the whereabouts of your laptop, you can use software like Prey and LoJack.These are highly effective antitheft software. Setting your desktop to lock up after a certain amount of time would be a good option. Install antivirus programs, and your software should be updated.

Your data can be kept secure by using privacy screen protectors such as those by Akamai, Kensington, and Targus. Remember to make your passwords unique and disable automatic login.

Last but not least! Buy a slash proof laptop bag with tamper-resistant zippers. You’ll ask us why? Because avoiding danger should be your priority!

Luggage safety

First of all, try looking for a hard-sided suitcase. Now coming to the important part, buy a TSA padlock with a four-dial combination. Also, you can get a luggage tracker to see where your bags are.

When your luggage doesn’t appear on the conveyor belt, the trace me airline approved luggage tracker tags can reunite you with your precious stuff. This one is most certainly a stress-reliever!

Music, leisure and relaxation

Did you know? A wise man once said listening to music while traveling is good for health. Get a pair of noise-canceling headphones. You’ll enjoy your music on an island of peace. Plus, if you get nauseous in the air, then earphones will be a great help!

AudioFly AF160 is a neat option to consider. You could also get a wireless earbud like the Bragi dash which plays from its 4GB storage. For the all those who love to game, Nintendo 3DS is a must-have. It is guaranteed to keep you busy throughout the flight!

Fujifilm’s instant camera is another fun addition to your suitcase. It’s cheap and takes outstanding pictures. You may consider buying an e-book reader. An e-reader has a variety of options of books to choose from.

In case you feel nervous, we recommend you use applications such as Valk, Skyguru, Calm, and SOAR. Most of these are designed to cope with claustrophobia and anxiety. Hopefully, you’ll overcome the fear of flying.

Safe travels!

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