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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is the Only Open-World Game I Want

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is the Only Open-World Game I Want

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is the Only Open-World Game I Want thumbnail

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is coming to next-gen.It’s an open-world title that might earn the moniker.Could Portkey Games pull a Witcher 3?Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy has just been revealed at today’s PlayStation 5 event, and it looks to be everything a fan could dream of.Even if it’s an open-world game.Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy vs. the Open WorldAfter a variety of lackluster mobile titles, this will be developer Portkey Games’ first fully-fledged experience. It involves you creating your very own wizard to experience the world of Hogwarts, and beyond.One has to wonder why it took this long for a Harry Potter game not based on the movies, but this massive development time is sure to mean an open-world title.If you’re like me, that’s initially a bothersome moniker. I’ve written before how tiring these titles have become. So many open-world games are full of boring quests and filler content to artificially extend the game time and get players the most “value” for their buck.However, how many AAA games do we get based on a fully fleshed out universe with enough content to actually fill an open-world game? The answer is none.A Universe of Worthy ContentJ.K. Rowling aside, Harry Potter’s is a world where simple fetch quests and filler content might excite. It’s magic, after all! A world that lives and breathes the stuff is sure to deliver more unique content than your typical open-world fare.It helps that I, along with so many others, are tied to the franchise due to nostalgia. The creatures and characters are worth putting up with less than stellar content at times.I’ll happily spend hours here. Maybe even days. | Source: TwitterAnd who knows? Maybe they’ll take the Witcher 3 route and have quality side quest after quality side quest. Either way, this is the first time in a long time I can say these words:I’m excited about an open-world game.Samburaj Das edited this article for If you see a breach of our Code of Ethics or find a factual, spelling, or grammar error, please contact us.

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