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How to Manage Your Amazon Kindle Devices and Content


How to Manage Your Amazon Kindle Devices and Content

Are you juggling a lot of Kindle devices, ebooks, and other kinds content? Here’s how to manage everything from so you can keep everything in order.

Maybe you have an Amazon Kindle, or you run the Kindle app on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Over time you've not only set up a lot of devices with the Kindle app, but you've also snagged a lot of ebooks and other content from Amazon. How do you manage that and all your Kindle devices?

Amazon offers a dedicated webpage where you can view and manage your Kindle. At this page, you can remove Kindle devices you no longer use. You can also transfer Kindle ebooks from one device to another and delete Kindle ebooks and content you no longer want.

The Kindle app is versatile because it is available on Kindle devices, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. That means you can download and read Kindle ebooks on just about any platform. When you download a Kindle ebook, Amazon even asks which device you want it to land on. But you may see devices in the list that you no longer use, or you might have ebooks that you no longer read or want. Let's go through the steps for removing and managing your Kindle devices and content.

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  • Manage Content and Devices

    First, sign into the Amazon page to "Manage Your Content and Devices." The first section displays your content, with your ebooks showing up by default.

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  • Sort Your Books

    You can rearrange your books by clicking on the "Sort By" menu and changing the sort order to title, author, or acquired date.

  • Manage a Book

    To manage a single item, click on the Action button next to it. A pop-up menu appears with various options.

  • Deliver to a Device

    You can deliver the item to your default Kindle device or to a different device outfitted with the Kindle app.

  • Delete a Book

    If you purchased the item, you can delete it, which removes it from your account and all devices.

  • Return a Book

    If you snagged the item for free, you can opt to return the book, which removes it from your Kindle devices.

  • Download a Book

    If you own a Kindle or other supported device, you can download ebooks to your computer and then transfer them to your device via a USB cable.

  • Restart a Book

    You can clear the furthest page read if you wish to start at the beginning of the book.

  • Read Now

    You can opt to read the book on your computer by clicking on the "Read Now" link.

  • Manage Family Library

    If you've set up a family library for your Kindle content, you can send an ebook to another member of the household by clicking on the link to "Manage Family Library."

  • Send a Book

    Clicking on the "Give Now" link gives you the ability to send someone an ebook as a gift.

  • Categorize a Book

    And you can add a book to a new or existing collection as a way of categorizing it.

  • Select Multiple Books

    If you wish to manage multiple books in a single shot, select them by clicking on the "Select" button for each one. You can then choose to deliver them to a specific Kindle device, delete them, or add them all to a collection.

  • View Other Media

    Beyond viewing just ebooks, you can see other items that you've downloaded or bought from Amazon. At the top of the page, click on the menu next to "Show." Select another type of item, such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, audiobooks, apps, or instant video.

  • Edit Media

    You can then click on a specific item to delete it, add it to a collection, and manage it in other ways.

  • Manage Devices

    Next, click on the tab at the top for "Your Devices." Here, you'll see all your devices that contain the Kindle app or are otherwise registered with Amazon. You can sort them by name, type, or relevance.

  • Remove a Device

    Perhaps the list contains devices you no longer use. Click on one of those devices and then select the Deregister link. The device is queued up to be removed from the list.

  • Set Default Device

    You can also set or change the default device, meaning the device that automatically receives any ebooks or other content you download from Amazon. Click on the device and then select the link to "Set as default device."

  • Account Settings

    Finally, click on the Settings tab at the top. Here, you can set up or change your default payment method, your households and family library, your saved Wi-Fi passwords, and the email addresses for your devices, among other options.

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