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How to Search in Windows 10

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How to Search in Windows 10

The Windows 10 search bar is pretty simple, but there are ways to find things faster.

On Windows 10, a search field in the lower-left corner lets you seek out apps, files, settings, and other items on your PC, as well as web content.

You can narrow your searches to specific types of items, such as apps, music, and settings. You can also conduct web searches directly from the search field without first having to open your browser. Let's explore how you can run a search in Windows to find specific items.

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  • 1 Search Field

    First, click in the Search field (the one that appropriately says: "Type here to search") and enter a search term, such as Windows. In response, Windows displays a list of results across various categories, such as apps, settings, documents, and folders. Windows also displays a best match that you can click to open.

  • 2 Keep Typing

    If you see a result that matches what you're seeking, just click on it. If not, you can continue typing. For example, if you're looking for a Windows antivirus program, you can type Windows antivirus. Windows modifies the list of search results to Windows Defender and links to webpages on Windows antivirus programs.

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    Again, you can click on a result that matches the item you seek or click on the result that Windows considers the best match.

  • 3 Change the Focus

    You can change the focus of the search to a specific category. At the top of the search window, click on the first button to find results in apps, the second button to find results in your documents, and the third button to find results on the Web.

  • 4 Narrow by Category

    You can also narrow down your search results right from the get-go by including a specific category. In the search field, type apps: and Windows shows you a list of apps on your PC. After apps:, start typing the name of a specific app and Windows narrows down the list of results, again displaying a best match.

  • 5 Documents

    You can do the same with more categories. Type documents:, and Windows displays recent documents. After documents:, type more keywords, and Windows narrows down the list of documents in the search results.

  • 6 Folders

    Repeat that process with still more categories. Type folders: by itself or followed by the name of a specific folder, and Windows serves it up.

  • 7 Music

    Type music: by itself or followed by the name of an artist or song for music on your PC, and Windows will track it down for you.

  • 8 Settings

    Type settings: by itself or followed by the name of a Windows setting, and Windows finds it for you.

  • 9 Photos

    Type photos: by itself or followed by the name of a photo, and Windows displays it for you.

  • 10 Videos

    Type videos: by itself or followed by the name of a video, and Windows grabs it for you.

  • 11 Web

    And type web: followed by a keyword, and Windows shows you search results on the web.

  • 12 Filter Category

    Finally, you can limit the results to a certain category after you run your search. At the top of the search menu, click on the Filters button and then click on a specific category to see only those results.

  • 13 Hey, Cortana

    If you like your search with a side of AI, Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana is also ready to serve. These guides will teach you how to:

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