Car Travel with Pets 

Dogs tend to revel in car rides, while cats usually aren’t as excited about getting in a vehicle. But no matter what your pet’s attitude is towards car travel, you still need to keep them happy and safe in the car.

Keep them securely in the car. Your pup might want to stick his head out the window, but it’s best to keep them inside the vehicle. It may be fun, but it’s also an easy way for them to get injured or allow debris to fly into their face, mouth, or eyes. Use a GPS collar for your pet to keep track of them if they do get out of the car.

Buckle them up. Leaving your animals unrestrained in the car is dangerous for you and them. Cats should remain in their crates, which should be buckled with a seatbelt. You can also find special car harnesses that keep your pups in place.

Keep them in the back seat. Just like human babies, your fur babies are too small to ride in the front. If you were to get in an accident while they were in the front seat, the impact of an airbag could injure your pet. Keep them buckled up and safe in the back seat when possible.

Plan ahead for your trip. You should never leave your pets alone in the car, even for a short time. So it’s smart to bring a friend or choose pet-friendly locations where you can bring them inside. Start by looking for pet-friendly pit stops to give them a chance to stretch and use the bathroom. Make pet-friendly hotels and restaurants destination spots for your trip too.

Get them familiar with the crate. If you’re taking a long trip, your pet will have to get used to being restrained or confined for hours at a time. Cats can be especially tricky to travel with on the road. To get them acclimated, take them on small drives and make their crate feel like a familiar place so they can more easily handle the stress of being in the car.


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