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How to Use Face ID to Sign Into Apps on iPhone X

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How to Use Face ID to Sign Into Apps on iPhone X

Apple iPhone X owners can log into certain apps by face. Here's how.

If you have password-protected apps on your iPhone X, trying to remember usernames and passwords for each one can be a hassle. What's the solution? Use your face instead of a password to sign into supported apps.

Which apps actually work with Face ID? Any app supporting Touch ID will automatically work with Face ID, according to Apple. But you'll have to double-check on an individual basis. The app should tell you either directly or somewhere in its settings if it supports Touch ID or Face ID. Let's check out the process for using Face ID to sign into your favorite apps.

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  • 1 Set Up Face ID

    You'll first need to turn on and set up Face ID if you haven't already done so; here's how.

  • 2 Password-Protected Apps

    Next, download and open an app that requires a password or other means of authentication. Tap on the Sign in button. Enter your username and password. The app may then present the option to sign in using Face ID. If so, tap on the button to enable it and confirm that you want to use Face ID. From then on, Face ID will automatically authenticate you when you need to sign into this app.

  • 3 Quick Authentication

    Some apps present you with the Face ID option before you even sign in. Enable the option and then sign in. The next time you again sign into the app, you're asked if you want to allow it to use Face ID. Tap OK, and Face ID will authenticate you.

  • 4 Activate After the Fact

    What if you ignored the option to use Face ID (or Touch ID) and have been signing into an app with a password? Sign into the app as usual. Then open the Settings section. If the app supports Face ID and/or Touch ID, you should see an option to enable that feature. If so, turn it on. The next time you have to sign in, Face ID should pop up to authenticate you.

  • 5 In-App Activation

    With other apps, you may be using multiple methods of authentication, such as a PIN and a password. Again, hunt around the Settings section for that app. Turn on the option for Face ID. The next time you sign in, Face ID should authenticate you.

  • 6 Activate in Settings

    What if you know an app supports Face ID or Touch ID, but it's not giving you that option? Beyond hunting around the app's settings, you can check another spot. On your iPhone, open Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode. Tap on the entry for Other Apps. If the app is listed but Face ID is not enabled, flip the switch to turn it on. Fire up the app again and see if Face ID is now available.

  • 7 Log Into Websites With Face ID

    You can also set up Face ID to log into websites you access via Safari; here's how.

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