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Hyperkin Reveals the Ultra Game Boy at CES

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Hyperkin Reveals the Ultra Game Boy at CES

An improvement on the original thanks to the inclusion of a rechargeable battery, aluminum case, and a backlit LCD display.

A recent trademark filing suggests Nintendo is planning an N64 Classic next, but Hyperkin clearly thinks the Game Boy is Nintendo's focus and has turned up at CES with its own take on the handheld for 2018. It's called the Ultra Game Boy for now, and it's a big improvement on the 1989 original.

CES 2018 bug art

Hyperkin became well-known when it released the Retron 5. One console capable of playing original cartridges from nine different systems while offering HD output proved very popular and has been followed more recently by a SNES Classic competitor called the SupaRetroN HD.

As Gizmodo reports, the Ultra Game Boy is still in development and that won't be its final name. Even so, this prototype seems to be fully-functional and capable of playing any of the 1,049 games released for Nintendo's system. It apparently has some weight to it thanks to the aluminum casing, and keeps the original button layout, volume, and contrast dials.

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As for improvements, you'll find a rechargeable battery in the back offering six hours of play time and charged via a USB-C port. The display is a backlit LCD (the backlight can be turned off) and Hyperkin intends to add a third dial allowing the display to be cycled through the entire RGB spectrum.

You may think the inclusion of stereo speakers is strange seeing as game audio is mono, but Hyperkin is trying to appeal to chiptune musicians as well as retro gamers, hence it also included left and right audio connectors on the Ultra.


If you want an Ultra Game Boy, Hyperkin is planning to release it in the summer at a price point below $100. Until then, it's probably worth searching eBay for your favorite Game Boy games before their prices start rising in anticipation of this release.

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