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I built a generic framework for crypto. Please go through the post to understand the effort put in. : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

I built a generic framework for crypto. Please go through the post to understand the effort put in. : CryptoCurrency


Fed up with my job, I decided to build my own generic framework that can be used to build products on top of it, like an exchange, a payment gateway etc.

  1. What does it do:

    1. It offers you set of API’s that you will need to build any of your crypto-based product.

    2. The API’s offer you to generate a crypto address, that is completely monitored by my framework.

    3. Any activity that happens on these addresses will be notified to you via multiple notifications ways. There is persistent notification API, socket stream, SQS queue endpoint, Lamba trigger and telegram notification just for your visual look and feel.

    4. You can withdraw them any time to your personal wallets, using withdrawal API’s

  2. Features:

    1. The load is a very unique feature. You can generate even a million addresses. The system is load-independent.

    2. Keys are generated in run time. Even if the database, code and machines get compromised, crypto private keys won’t because it is nowhere.

    3. Instant reconciliation: Whenever any deposit is done, the amounts are safely transported to a hardware wallet. Hence, you can completely discard the existing keys and move on to new ones in case you need so.

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    4. To reduce the fee, especially in ethereum ERC20 tokens, I have created special kind of contracts that help you store any kind of tokens and help deposit and withdraw many at one time. For example, you can withdraw USDT, BAT, 0X all tokens in one and only one transaction.

  3. Supported and Future Plans:

    1. I currently support BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and ERC20 tokens on ethereum.

    2. I keep adding new crypto every month. XRP will be added next.

    3. Any specific ERC20 token that you wish to add, let me know in DM

    4. NFT support like ERC721 on Ethereum, SLP-BCH will be added.

Note: I am the only developer who has completely build it from running nodes, building frameworks, writing down wrappers and solving the DevOps challenges that I came across. Hence, a lot of things are in pipeline. Your advice and support are highly recommended especially in terms of selling the product. All of them will be considered and taken.

This is my product link. I am not a good UI developer, hence please don’t judge me by my landing page. Instead, I would recommend you to visit my swagger docs page and check the features. Also, do share with relevant people/groups.

DM to get the testing APIKEY on testnet.


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