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I made a DEX and need help improving usability : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

I made a DEX and need help improving usability : CryptoCurrency


I was the lead engineer on GDAX (now Coinbase Pro). I left Coinbase over a year ago to make a high performance non-custodial exchange: merkleX ( Proof: linked-in, flash-crash-gif-i-made (story for another time), mug-shot.

I’m looking to get help improving the usability of merkleX. If you’re interested, please drop a comment.

what is merkleX?

merkleX I a non-custodial exchange for ERC-20 assets. It uses a new protocol and Smart Contract called the Decentralized Clearing Network (source, audited by Trail of Bits). The protocol is essentially lighting network for exchanges. Each user signs a trading limit that allows a specific range of trades to occur. As the user trades they can update this limit off-chain. Periodically the limits and final state are submitted to the Smart Contract. That’s the protocol at a high level and I’m happy to dig deeper in the comments if anyone has questions. With the protocol, the gas cost is now dependent on the number of active users rather than the number of trades.

why merkleX?

We’re trying to remove the friction points of trading on non-custodial / decentralized exchanges. We strive to provide the following

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– Very low fees as Ethereum computation is heavily optimized and used less (we’re currently float the bill so 0 fees right now)
– Immediate trade confirmation
– Reliable and familiar trading APIs
– Low counter-party risk due to non-custodial nature

what help are we asking for?

No more than 10 minutes of your time. We’ll jump on a screenshare and have you walk through the product with us. We’ll provide a little bit of crypto for the testing.

why should “I” help you?

There’s no monetary gain here. You’ll simply be helping shape an early crypto project, and we’ll be very appreciative.


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