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Intel Stops Working on Smart Glasses


Intel Stops Working on Smart Glasses

The Vaunt project showed a lot of promise, but ultimately Intel couldn't turn it into a consumer product.

One of the main hurdles to developing a pair of smart glasses we are all happy to wear is making them look "normal." They need to be smart, but nobody can tell they are as they look like any other pair of glasses. Intel managed to overcome that hurdle when the company revealed its Vaunt smart glasses back in February. However, the project has now been canceled.

As The Verge reports, Intel released a statement confirming its New Devices Group (NDG) will no longer develop smart glasses. No clear explanation has been given as to why development is ending beyond the statement, "Intel is continuously working on new technologies and experiences. Not all of these develop into a product we choose to take to market."

When Vaunt got revealed earlier this year, Intel was searching for partners with retail and consumer product experience. It seems likely that search was unssuccessful and therefore no clear path forwards existed for Vaunt and Intel's smart glasses ambitions.

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Intel's solution for offering a heads-up display while wearing glasses was retinal projection. There are no cameras, no reason to touch the glasses to action commands, it's simply a very low power laser providing you with snippets of information as part of your vision and hopefully without too much distraction. Intel wanted to offer Vaunt up as a platform developers could then build on top of and see what worked with such a simple, yet useful way of conveying information.

While Vaunt as a product may now be dead, the technology behind it certainly isn't. We could see Intel license the tech to someone else, or use it in another way.

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