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IOST DApp ecosystem gets off-chain data link from DOS Network

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IOST DApp ecosystem gets off-chain data link from DOS Network


DOS Network, a decentralized oracle service supporting multiple blockchains, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with IOST, a blockchain network focused on DApp development that launched earlier this year.

IOST is dedicated to creating a practical and useful mainnet, where developers, creators, and enterprises can fulfill their potential. DOS Network will provide IOST smart contracts a link to real-world data and events.

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Developers on IOST need data services for all kinds of DApps including:

  • Decentralized games, which always require a high degree of randomness and DOS Network is able to ensure the generation of completely unpredicted data;
  • Stablecoins and other derivatives which require frequent access to real-time prices from the real-world.

“This partnership between DOS Network and IOST aims to connect the IOST Dapp ecosystem with off-chain real-world data in a secure, trustworthy and timely manner. In return, IOST will provide DOS Network with user acquisition, community expansion, and marketing resources. The two aim to jointly create a decentralized world with blockchain mass adoption becoming a new norm, by enhancing cooperation in the integration of blockchains and oracles.”
– The DOS Network Team


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