Did you realize there are over 300,000 computer programmers in the United States alone? If you are toying with the idea of pursuing a career as a computer programmer, you need to first understand where this practice first began.

Many experts claim that computer programming began in earnest in the late 1800s. Most people credit Ada Lovelace with being the first computer programmer on the planet. A scientific paper by an Italian engineer led to Ms. Lovelace taking notes and translating the data in a unique way.

Throughout the course of modern history, scientists and hobbyists have work on constantly reinventing the programming languages and furthering their uses.

Technology juggernauts like Facebook and Google have developed their own coding languages to carry out a number of complicated and crucial tasks. Staying on the cutting edge of this technology is vital when trying to have success as a computer programmer.

Where Coding Falls Today

One of the main things most newcomers to the world of computer programming want to know is what industries they will be able to work in. There are a vast number of industries who use computer programming for everything from website building to machine automation.. With this knowledge, you can focus your efforts on learning the most common programming languages used in these industries.

The Power of Python

One of the most popular programming languages on the planet is Python. Python is considered an open-source programming language, which means there is a large community that works together to maintain and optimize it.

Industries That Used Python

For the most part, businesses who work in the information technology, engineering and professional services industry use Python programming. Many web and internet development companies use this programming language to construct frameworks and content management systems. Some of the most successful companies utilizing the power of this programming language are Google, YouTube and NASA.

Getting to Know More About Java

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, you are familiar with how popular the Java programming language is. This general-purpose programming language is used as the core foundation for developing apps for Android devices. Most tech professionals use this language due to its extensive network library and the high level of application portability it provides.

Who is Using the Java Programming Language?  

Due to its general purpose construction, a number of different industries use the Java programming language. Companies that operate in the communication, education and retail industries develop software and apps that exclusively use this programming language. Most people fail to realize that companies like eBay and V2COM use Java for a variety of different purposes.

When trying to catch errors in your code, be sure to use programs like Papertrail. With the help of this technology, you can easily review coding error messages and figure out how to solve them quickly and correctly.

The Structure Oriented Convenience of the C Programming Language

For years, companies and tech entrepreneurs have used the C programming level to develop low-level software and apps. Often times, the apps created with the C programming language are used in conjunction with operating systems designed by Windows or Linux. Some of the most common apps produced with C will be things like network drivers and interpreters and spreadsheets.

How is the C Programming Language Being Used in Today’s Marketplace?

One of the biggest misconception that most people have about the C programming language is that it is outdated. The truth is that more companies are using this powerful programming language than ever before. Tech giants like Apple and Microsoft use this programming language to provide their customers with easy to use apps and software.

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Why Coding Knowledge is so Important?

While learning to code is essential for a computer programmer, many experts agree that this skill is vital for anyone serious about being successful in the future. One of the biggest reasons why learning to code is such a good idea is due to the fact that computer programmers are in high demand. Learning coding from an early age will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding employment opportunities.

Coding Literacy is Vital

The term digital literacy is a term used to describe your ability to take in and manage information using technology. Having knowledge of coding and how it works will allow you to look at the software and apps you use in a different way. Looking at these programs from an objective standpoint will help you provide your employer with useful information regarding how to improve the tech tools they have in place.

This Skill Will Always Be Relevant

Nearly every business on the planet uses technology on a daily basis. Whether this technology is used to develop websites or build apps for mass consumption, coding will always be involved. The knowledge you acquire when learning various programming languages can be used in a variety of different industries.

This means you should never have to worry about having a job that you enjoy. The ability to build a piece of software or app from the ground up is highly sought after, which is why learning programming languages is a great use of your time.

Be a Creator, Not Just a Consumer

Feeling like you are at the mercy of a software program or mobile application can be quite annoying. Consumers who have little to no knowledge of programming are unable to solve these tech-related problems on their own. Rather than living life as just a consumer, you can be a doer and a creator by learning how to code. Not only can you use this knowledge to fix your technology problems, you can help others with your programming skills as well.

The Continued Importance of Coding

The evolution of coding has led us to a point where most programming languages look more like English. This means that people are able to learn this skill far easier than in the past. Just in the last decade, computers and mobile devices have become an integral part of the human experience.

All indications show that coding will become more of a commonplace skill in the future. Many schools are starting to teach programming languages to children as young as 10 years old. Studies show that current jobs that require coding skills generally pay up to $22,000 more a year than jobs that do not require this skill.

Innovation is Driving the Need For More Programmers

One of the biggest misconceptions most people have about coding is that it is a skill only used in the development of mobile apps or software for consumers. The reality is that professionals in the medical and industrial fields use coding for a number of purposes. Industrialized businesses need programmers to build software used to monitor the machines they use or find problems with productivity.

In the medical industry, computer programmers work hard to develop programs that connect medical professionals to their patients. Modern medical apps and software allow doctors and their patients to communicate in real time about everything from treatment plans to test results.

Often times, the jobs available to programmers in this field fall in either the research or software engineering category. Usually, programmers that work in the research industry are on the cutting-edge of technology. Funding for this type of research typically comes from the government.

The Skills Needed to Succeed as a Programmer in the Future

Some people think that simply learning a variety of programing languages is all they need to succeed as a programmer. While this is helpful, there are a number of other skills you need.

Having a good memory is essential when attempting to be successful in the computer programming industry. Remembering various programming sequences and instructions can help you avoid mistakes throughout the development process.

Often times, computer programmers work as independent contractors. This means that being self-motivated is important. If you fail to stay on task when working for a particular company, you may find it hard to land your next job. Getting a reputation for being unreliable in the computer programming industry can lead to big problems.

A Skill Worth Learning

As you can clearly see, the power and convenience provided by modern programming languages make them valuable to businesses in a variety of industries. By taking the time to learn the most popular programming languages, you can make yourself more desirable to employers.


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