With the rise of the internet, social media and ecommerce are facing a problem that is plaguing the internet: cybercrime. But, is it such a huge problem, or does it just happen to careless people?

Well, with the increased reliance on the internet and smart devices, there is an increased amount of data available online which skilled cybercriminals can target. Because of this, individuals, groups and even large companies are at huge risk from cybercriminals who want to steal it for their own use, or to sell off to the highest bidder.

So yes, cybercrime is a huge problem which is causing headaches for some of the world’s largest corporations. It is not just large businesses, either. Small-to-medium sized businesses should be taking note of the problems which cyber crimes pose.

Surprisingly, only 22% of small-to-medium sized businesses had some form of cybersecurity training in 2017. Considering that 60% of such businesses go bust within six months of being subject to a cyberattack, it is a major problem.

Security training is important because even a quality anti-virus like BitDefender can do only that much if the end users are careless, even though anti-malware is most definitely a necessity if you want to be secure online.

It is perhaps no surprise then that these businesses spend on average $879,582 in fixing damages resulting from cyber attacks. So, if you’re a small-to-medium sized business operator, you should seriously consider investing in some cybersecurity prevention tools and training right away.

Cybercrime is a serious problem which is costing businesses a lot of money. As a result, the cybersecurity industry is thriving and was estimated to be worth around $120 billion at the end of 2017; a number which has grown by over 35 times in the last decade.

Although it is not something which most of us think about, cybercrime is a really serious problem causing huge losses for businesses not investing in preventative measures. To learn more about cybercrime, check out our infographic below.

URL: https://bestvpns.co.uk/facts-about-cyber-crimes/

By: Karthik Reddy
Community Manager at webmastersjury.org



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