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Kobo Prepares to Launch Clara HD E-Reader

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Kobo Prepares to Launch Clara HD E-Reader

Is this the Kobo e-reader heading to over 4,000 Walmart stores?

In the world of e-readers, Amazon tends to dominate with its range of Kindles. However, it does have one competitor that continues to try and grab some market share. That competitor is Kobo, and it looks as though the company is preparing to launch a brand new model.

As Liliputing reports, we only know about this new e-reader because it appeared on the FCC website. It's called the Kobo Clara HD, uses a 1,500mAh 5.55Whr battery, and includes support for 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. And of course, it uses an E Ink display, we just don't know what size yet.

Kobo already offers four different models of e-reader including the Kobo Aura One, Aura H2O Edition 2, Aura Edition 2, and a Limited Edition of the Aura One. How exactly the Clara HD will differentiate itself is unclear, but it may be a new model for a different reason: Walmart.

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You may remember back in January Walmart announced it had formed an alliance with Rakuten, which own Kobo, to sell Kobo e-readers, e-books, and audiobooks at over 4,000 stores. Could it be that the Clara HD is a new model heading exclusively to Walmart?

The HD in the new model name suggests a high resolution display, but will it be higher than the 1872-by-1404 offered on the 7.8-inch Aura One? The Digital Reader believes the Clara HD will have a 6-inch display and also mentions an embargo on the details ends in September. So the new e-reader is probably going to be available to buy just in time for the holidays.

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