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Limited Edition ThinkPad Planned for 25th Anniversary


Limited Edition ThinkPad Planned for 25th Anniversary

Lenovo will release a special ThinkPad laptop with "throwback features" to celebrate the 25th anniversary in October. Butterfly keyboard, anyone?

Long gone are the days that you could purchase a ThinkPad laptop manufactured by IBM. But the name lives on, albeit as a brand owned by Chinese tech company Lenovo. Lenovo recognizes the rich history associated with the ThinkPad name, though, and is therefore planning something a bit special for the 25th anniversary later this year.

The ThinkPad line turns 25 in October and Lenovo believes the best way to mark the occasion is with a limited edition ThinkPad laptop that will appeal to enthusiasts around the world. With that in mind, we should expect a number of "throwback features" combined with the "best and most powerful features of the ThinkPad today."

Future ThinkPad Concept

Liliputing brought our attention to the announcement (more of a tease) which was made by Christian Teismann, senior vice president of commercial business at Lenovo, during the Lenovo Transform 2017 event in New York this week. No details were given beyond the fact this anniversary laptop exists, but Teismann did make a joke by showing a picture of a ThinkPad without a hinge (included above).

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So what should we expect? Well, I doubt it will be cheap and depending on how limited it is with regards to production, purchasing one may be all but impossible. In terms of features, we have to look at the original innovations IBM made with the ThinkPad. Most notably, the TrackPoint, the ThinkLight, and an accelerometer to detect when the laptop is falling so it can protect components for the hard landing. And who can forget the "Butterfly" TrackWrite keyboard, which folded out to be wider than the actual laptop. Could Lenovo be considering that? It would certainly grab everyone's attention if they did.

I think at the very least we can expect a ThinkPad that is true to the original 90's industrial design housing the latest components inside. We're nearly in July, meaning Lenovo has three months left to plan and kick off pre-launch promotion for this hopefully very special enthusiast ThinkPad.

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