Hi all,

We just launched a dashboard with a Bull & Bear trading signal.

Based on historical data our model was tuned for going long or short from a sentiment perspective. In backtests, this yielded good results and now we want to test it live.

So far only quants could use our data. With the dashboard, our goal is to make a quantitative sentiment strategy accessible to discretionary traders.

Some background on our technology:

We spent the last months training an AI that identifies 93 emotions (FOMO, Bullish/Bearish, optimism, FUD, ….) and topics (hacks, scam, technical analysis,…) in social media data (Reddit/Twitter/Bitcointalk) in real-time.

The full picture of what our AI detects in online crypto discussions:

Post image

We would be happy to hear what you think. We’re looking for testers who want to test the signal (for free) and provide feedback.

If you follow a systematic trading approach this might be interesting for you — you can sign up here: https://www.augmento.ai/sentiment-signal-signup/

Looking forward to learning if you find this useful


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