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  • Units in MARK.SPACE’s virtual universe are officially open for registration from today
  • MRK, MARK.SPACE’s proprietary currency, can now be tracked on CoinMarketCap

Singapore, April 24, 2018 – MARK.SPACE, a blockchain-powered Social VR & AR-compatible platform, today announced that it has opened registration for units on its social VR platform to the public. The company’s own digital currency, the MARK (MRK), which underpins trading in the MARK.SPACE universe, has also been added to CoinMarketCap where global investors can track the performance of the currency.

MARK.SPACE operates the world’s first open-source, platform-agnostic social VR and AR ecosystem. The MARK.SPACE universe consists of numerous cities, which are each divided into 35 districts with a maximum of 35 blocks in each district. Each block is then subdivided into no more than 256 individual units. There are currently five cities planned for the MARK.SPACE universe, each based on a common language for users – English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Units are the building blocks of the MARK.SPACE universe – unique virtual spaces of 64 sq/m each that can be purchased or leased by businesses or individuals. The MARK.SPACE universe has been designed so that the number of units is strictly limited, giving unit owners the unique opportunity to benefit as the value of their unit appreciates over time. Unit owners on MARK.SPACE can also lease their space to generate revenue or can sell their unit to another user. Just as in the real world, it is expected that units in prime districts will quickly accumulate in value over time.

CoinMarketCap is the most popular price tracking and comparison platform for the global cryptocurrency market. It lists the vast majority of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally, and shows the current value of each coin in dollars and Bitcoins.

Yana Kontorovich, Co-founder and CEO of MARK.SPACE, said:

“We are thrilled to open the doors to the MARK.SPACE universe today, and to welcome businesses, investors, and individuals from around the world to our platform. We truly believe that MARK.SPACE represents the future of the internet as we transition from words and pictures on a screen to a truly immersive virtual experience. Today’s announcement, alongside our listing on CoinMarketCap, represent major milestones in our journey towards achieving that vision.”

Kontorovich continued, “I’m particularly humbled that we’re making this momentous step today, which is also my birthday. To celebrate these three exciting landmarks, we are offering pioneer investors who purchase units today a special gift – free bonus points that can be exchanged for commercial units and other services in the MARK.SPACE universe.”

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