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Misconceptions about North Korea and the Virgil situation : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

Misconceptions about North Korea and the Virgil situation : CryptoCurrency


North Korea is essentially a prison masquerading as a country. People are not allowed to leave, they aren’t allowed to travel out of their own towns without permission, they’re not even allowed to think their own thoughts aloud.

This is the same thing as in China (if you want to move from one city to another, you must have permission from the government and so much more), and everyone reading this post right now is using a Chinese-made product whether it’s a smart phone, pc monitor, or computer in general.

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Virgil literally didn’t do anything that the North Koreans couldn’t have taught themselves to do with enough time. Oh, he sent 200 USD from North Korea to South Korea? Damn yo, god forbid he robs North Korea of money and throws it to South Korea.

Like literally all of the people who say Virgil should be in prison are the same people who eat meat and get pissed when they see animals being abused on YouTube or Facebook videos. There is a disgusting level of hypocrisy involved.


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