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NANO Transaction Speed Test on Natrium Wallet : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

NANO Transaction Speed Test on Natrium Wallet : CryptoCurrency


Nope wrong.

By the time we see a bull run, it won’t be congested and it won’t be plebs buying. It will be institutions and they will use the liquid network which is fine for big transactions. There will be no congestion. Also the biggest event in crypto ( the halvening) is happening in 14 months and it’s for the biggest most hyped coin out there, BTC. You watch how much btc pumps and alts drop in the next 2 years.

And even so, there is actually no need for a new currency atm. Institutions would buy BTC because it’s proven network and brand name. A safe hedge. It’s the next gold. Digital scarcity. Gold does not need to be fast and feeles. Look at gold now. Try buying it and then transferring it across the ocean.

Also a global currency won’t ever work unless you have a total shift in the world and it becomes communism. Which is a lot worse than what we have now and governments will severely step in. We already have a system that’s established (shit in some aspects and corrupt but better than communism) and will take one hell of a event to change that by force and it won’t happen anytime soon so who’s gonna buy nano just for the sake of a new currency? Lol. Definitely not the big whales mate. Almost no one will buy a crypto in hopes of a new currency replacing fiat.

Currency of internet? Twitter ceo and Square loves btc and LN. That’s a massive step to adoption when LN rollout happens. What’s nano got in the horizon? It’s barely existed and rebranded for more hype pump b dump lol.

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If nano works for you then good. Live off it. But it will never come close to what BTC has done and will do and it’s market cap.

The only way to really know which projects are legit is to look at it at a technical level so you must learn code. Then it’s market and network.

BTC dwarfs nano in every aspect.



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